CompTIA Accelerated A+ Core (220-1001)

Fast-paced entry-level PC technician concepts19 H 30 M

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  • Storage
    • Overview
    • Introduction to Storage
    • Magnetic Storage: Characteristics
    • Magnetic Storage: Standards
    • Magnetic Storage: Performance
    • Determining Magnetic Storage
    • Electrical Storage - Characteristics
    • Electrical Storage - Standards
    • Determining Electrical Storage
    • Optical Storage - Characteristics
    • Optical Storage - Standards
    • Determining Optical Storage
    • Installing Storage Devices
    • Configuring Storage
    • Optimizing Storage
    • Troubleshooting Storage
  • Motherboards
    • Motherboard Form Factors
    • Motherboard Connections
    • Motherboard BIOS-UEFI Settings
  • Cooling and Power
    • Cooling Systems
    • Power Supply Units
    • Troubleshooting Cooling and Power Issues
  • Memory
    • Memory
    • Troubleshooting Memory
  • CPUs
    • CPUs - Features and Characteristics
    • CPUs - Sockets and Types
  • Display Devices
    • Display Devices - Display Types
    • Display Devices - Cables and Connections
    • Display Devices - Features
    • Troubleshooting Display Devices
  • Expansion Cards
    • Expansion Cards
  • Computer Cases
    • Computer Cases
  • Custom PCs
    • Custom PCs
  • Peripherals
    • Peripherals
  • Laptops and Mobile Devices
    • Laptop Hardware and Features
    • Troubleshooting Laptop Issues
    • Mobile Devices - Types, Accessories and Ports
    • Mobile Devices - Connectivity and App Support
    • Mobiles Devices - Syncronization
  • Printers
    • Printers: Types
    • Printers: Print Processes and Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting Printers
  • Virtualization & Cloud
    • Virtualization: Basics
    • Virtualization: Hypervisors
    • Virtualization: Requirements
    • Cloud Computing: Models
    • Cloud Computing: Features
  • Networking
    • Network Services - Ports and Protocols
    • Network Devices
    • Wireless Standards
    • Internet Connections
    • Network Types
    • Network Tools
    • IP Addresses - IPv4
    • IP Addresses - IPv4 Classes
    • IP Addresses - IPv6
    • Network Configuration Services
    • Cabling Standards
    • Network Adapter Configuration
    • SOHO - Connectivity Devices
    • Network Troubleshooting


5 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

The Accelerated CompTIA A+ is the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles. This course focuses on the 220-1001 exam and is for exam candidates that have studied for the exam, are familiar with the content or want a quick approach to the objectives.

You're watching ITPro TV. [MUSIC] >> Hello, and welcome to ITPro TV. This is your A+ 2019 accelerated series. And in this little episode, we're gonna be doing a little overview on what we're gonna be talking about this series. My name's Aubri Spurgin. And in this series, I'm gonna be playing the learner. I'm gonna be you, and I'm gonna be here to ask those questions that you have burning, but you can't ask right away, and with us teaching us all that we need to know, is Wes Bryan. >> Hey Aubri, how you doing? That's right, my name's Wes Bryan. I am the subject matter expert for this series, and, well, I have been teaching CompTIA A+ both sides of the exam. This one just happens to be the to 1,001, but I have been teaching A+ now for around 10 years, not just here at ITPro TV, but I was also a technical instructor, and I hold various CompTIA certifications. I have wealthy A+ certification net plus, as well as security Cloud Server sigh Surplus. So I hold quite a few of the CompTIA certifications in general. So you will get to see me throughout the course, and it's something that I love doing, and I've been teaching it for a long time now. >> So Wes, as the learner, I have to ask, what's in it for me, why should I watch this? >> Well, that's a great question. If you are somebody that wants to get certified, then this is going to be the course for you, cuz this is gonna be a certification based course where we are going to map our topics up with the CompTIA's A+ 2 21,000 series of objectives. And if you are a learner that wants to pass that exam, that's what were gonna be focused on, and you should, by the end of this course, be familiar with the concepts, and we encourage you to get comfortable with them. You should be ready to sit that A+ exam. >> So you mentioned this is a certification based course that we're gonna be doing. Could you tell us a little bit more about the certification itself? >> Most definitely, so the CompTIA A+ certification exam, this exam has been around for a long time now, and in fact, we can kinda show you if you browse on over to CompTIA's as website, every one of their certifications is available, and all you have to do is when you go to CompTIA's website, just kinda hover over the certifications location. And if you find A+ here, when you click on it, it'll take you to this page and you can get a lot of information. You can see what are the topics that are gonna be learned, for instance, demonstrating things like security skills, troubleshooting, and problem solving, when it comes to the core services, as well as basic IT support, and configurations of, well, not only PCs, but also mobile networks, and we're gonna learn about IT. And we're also gonna learn the full troubleshooting process too, we're gonna dive into things like networking components and networking topics. And that's what you should be expecting to see when you start to watch this A+ exam series. >> So clearly, the big goal of this course is to be able to know all you need to know for the exam. Could you give us a little more insight on other goals that we might have, specific, and what the structure is? >> Yeah, definitely. So this is gonna be an accelerated course, so we're gonna do, it's gonna be very, very fast-paced, and it is important, and we encourage the viewer to have some prerequisite knowledge and be familiar with the objectives. Let me show you what I mean here. So here on our, this, the CompTIA website, you can actually find the exam details just by clicking on exam details here at the top of the page here. And you can see that some of the things that you need to know to pass this exam, but you should be familiar with these objectives about mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization, cloud computing, and network troubleshooting. And I encourage you to use this website to actually find what is on the exam in general, so you can see here, over here on the right hand side, that we can actually fill in this, your information your name, if you will, and you can select exam objectives, and you can download those. And then, what I encourage you to do, because this is what we're gonna do here, follow through those objectives. Use those as a checklist in order to understand what could potentially be on the exam, we will go through these objectives, but we're gonna go through and fast-paced, and that's why we encourage you that if you're gonna watch the A+ accelerated series to be familiar with these concepts, and definitely, take advantage of the CompTIA website and download those objectives beforehand, so that when you're studying through what we're talking about, we'll make more sense to you. >> That's we're going along, Wes, tell us, how is this gonna be exciting for us? >> Well, this, I have so much fun teaching this course, because like myself, I came from a, the construction industry, if you will, and when I first got into IT, I just couldn't wait to learn about new technology, and we're gonna go through a broad range of topics, and we're gonna expose the learner in the viewer to the landscape of IT, a lot of the core technologies. And if you are somebody that loves to learn new information and loves to learn new concepts, this is the course for you. All right, if A+ 2019 accelerated seems like the course that you wanna be watching, we'll see you in the following episodes. >> Thank you for watching ITPro TV.

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