CompTIA A+ (220-901)

Vendor-neutral hardware and software technologies25 H 29 M

CompTIA's A+ 901 exam is usually the first certification exam IT professionals take. Learn about hardware, networking, security, and how to pass the test.

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  • Hardware
    • Overview
    • Configure BIOS and UEFI Settings
    • Motherboard Components
    • Motherboard Components Part 2
    • Motherboard Components Part 3
    • RAM Types and Features
    • RAM Types and Features Part 2
    • PC Expansion Cards
    • Install and Configure Storage Devices
    • Install and Configure Storage Devices Part 2
    • Install and Configure Storage Devices Part 3
    • CPUs and Appropriate Cooling
    • CPUs and Appropriate Cooling Part 2
    • PC Connections and Characteristics
    • PC Connections and Characteristics Part 2
    • PC Connections and Characteristics Part 3
    • Power Supplies
    • Custom PCs
    • Display Devices
    • Common Peripheral Devices
    • SOHO, MFDs and Printers
    • Printer Technologies
    • Printer Maintenance
  • Networking
    • Network Cables and Connectors
    • TCP/IP Characteristics
    • TCP/IP Characteristics Part 2
    • TCP/IP Characteristics Part 3
    • TCP/IP Characteristics Part 4
    • TCP/IP Characteristics Part 5
    • Common Ports and Protocols
    • WiFi Standards and Encryption
    • Install SOHO Wireless/Wired Router
    • Internet Connections and Network Types
    • Internet Connections and Network Types Part 2
    • Network Architecture Devices
  • Mobile Devices
    • Laptop Hardware and Components
    • Laptop Hardware and Components Part 2
    • Laptop Hardware and Components Part 3
    • Mobile Devices
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
    • Common Mobo, RAM, CPU and Power Issues
    • Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues Part 2
    • Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues Part 3
    • Troubleshooting Hard Drives and RAID Arrays
    • Troubleshooting Hard Drives and RAID Arrays Part 2
    • Troubleshooting Hard Drives and RAID Arrays Part 3
    • Common Video, Projector and Display Issues
    • Common Wired/Wireless Network Issues
    • Common Wired/Wireless Network Issues Part 2
    • Common Wired/Wireless Network Issues Part 3
    • Common Mobile Device Issues
    • Common Mobile Device Issues Part 2
    • Troubleshooting Printers


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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

Those looking to complete the CompTIA A+ 900 Series certification will find in this course an overview of the process in achieving the certification and details about the two exams required to pass in order to receive the certification. The certification is designed for entry level IT professionals with about a year of experience. Some of the exam objectives include hardware, networking, mobile devices, operating systems, security, and troubleshooting, making it a valuable certification to have especially for one just getting in to the IT career field with no documented experience.

[MUSIC] In this series, we're gonna be looking at CompTIA's A+ 220-901 exam. We'd like to take a moment and tell you, what is the A+ 220-901 exam? Who is this course for, what will be covered and what are the exam details? What is A+ 220-901? Well, the A+ 220-901 is a vendor neutral certification in the fact that you will be learning a great many different technologies and not any one technology from any specific vendor. It's also a worldwide accreditation. Which means that if you are here in the United States and you earn a certification, your certification is just as valid as if you earned it in Barcelona, Spain per se. Also understand that it is not only a worldwide accreditation, it's also DOD compliant for the 8140 objective and 8570.01-mcompliant. Who is this course for? Well, this course is for any candidate that requires validation of common hardware and software skills. It's also for the candidate that needs an understanding of the basic concepts within any IT infrastructure. Candidates that need to be able to perform troubleshooting and networking, as well as basic IT security should be seeking the 220-901 objectives. Candidates who are preparing to take the current A+ exam. What are some of the things that'll be covered inside of 220-901? Well we'll be looking specifically at the objectives that are called out for CompTIA on their website for exam code 220-901. We'll be looking at some of the fundamental software and hardware concepts that you can expect to see inside of your IT infrastructure. We'll also be looking at some of the basic TCP/IP concepts that allow us to move communications across the most common networking technologies today. And that being said, even the fundamental networking and communication technologies will be learned inside of the 220-901 objectives. We'll also be looking at some of the fundamentals of troubleshooting common hardware that you'll see within your computing units today. What are some of the exam details that you can expect if you decide to sit the CompTIA 220-901 exam? Well you're gonna be looking at 90 questions, 90 minutes. Keep in mind that these are gonna be multiple choice and the fact that you'll have more than one choice and only one right answer. Now, you could also find exam questions that have multiple answers, in which they ask you to choose more than just a single answer. And you might hear things like each answer represents a complete solution. You'll also see additional questions like drag and drops, diagrams, that'll make you determine which of the answers should be placed within a diagram. As well as performance based questions, such as simulations. On the 220-901 exam for CompTIA's A+ certification, you'll be required to have a 675 for your passing score. And that's out of a range from 100 to 900. Currently, here in US dollars, the exam will cost you $205. Recommendations by CompTIA for sitting the exam are 6 to 12 months, either within a lab environment or hands on experience within the field itself. Keep in mind, that if you would like to be A+ certified, you don't only take just the 220 exam, or 220-901 exam. You also have to complete and pass the 902. And again, that's the 220-902 exam. Both passes on the exam are required for both 220-901 and 220-902 in order to achieve your A+ certification. If the A+ certification is something that you want to attempt, well then, look forward to this course and some of the topics you can see within it. [MUSIC]

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