CompTIA Accelerated A+ Core (220-1002)

Fast-paced entry-level PC technician concepts12 H 26 M

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  • Operating Systems
    • Overview
    • Windows Requirements
    • Installing Windows
    • Windows Post Installation Tasks
    • Windows Network Configuration
    • Windows Resource Configuration
    • Software Installs and Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting Windows
    • Common File Systems
    • Basic Linux Operations
    • macOS Features and Tools
    • Maintaining a Linux System
    • macOS Troubleshooting
    • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Security
    • Physical Security
    • Logical Security
    • Active Directory Users
    • Active Directory Policies
    • Windows File Security
    • Windows Data Security
    • Mobile Device Security
    • SOHO Security
    • Dealing with Malware
    • Malware Removal
    • Data Destruction
  • Software Troubleshooting
    • PC Security - Application Issues
    • PC Security - Data Issues
    • PC Security - System Issues
    • Mobile OS and App Issues
    • Mobile Security Issues
  • Operational Procedures
    • Documentation Types
    • Change Management
    • Disaster Prevention & Recovery
    • Common Safety Procedures
    • Personal Safety
    • Incident Management
    • Privacy and Licensing Compliance
    • Professionalism and Communication
    • Basic Scripting


3 M

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  • Transcript

The Accelerated CompTIA A+ is the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles. This course focuses on the 220-1002 exam and is for exam candidates that have studied for the exam, are familiar with the content or want a quick approach to the objectives.

You're watching ITPro TV. [MUSIC] Welcome to ITPro TV. In this video, we're gonna be taking a look at the accelerated CompTIA A+ course here on ITPro TV. I am well, co-founder Don Pezete. I'm gonna be operating as the host of this show but joining me is the subject matter expert, Mr. Wes Bryan. Wes, I want you to tell our viewers a little bit about yourself. >> Sure, I've been teaching A+ for just around a decade or so and I've got many different of the CompTIA certifications, and very familiar with the concepts, and very familiar with teaching it and what it takes to make you successful. >> All right, now this is a great course, we can say that all we want but for the viewers out there, what can they expect to gain from this course? >> All right, if you have done all of your studying and you this is gonna require a lot of preliminary study on your part and you just need a quick review before you sit that exam. This is gonna be the course for you, again high level on a lot of the concepts so that you can know a little bit more about what to expect before you sit that exam. >> Right now, we do have an alternative version of this course, which is the full-length version. This is the accelerated one. So we're trying to move a little more quickly. Wes, what are some of the goals of the accelerated version? >> All right, what we wanna do is just give you a very quick overview of a lot of the majority or the major topics. And again, it is going to be fast paced, not gonna be a lot of in-depth like our full-blown course is. So be ready to cut a strap yourselves in for the roller coaster ride as we journey through a lot of the objectives, actually all of the objectives for the second A+ exam, more specifically the 221,002 exam. >> All right, now you mentioned that specific exam, this is a certification course. What our viewers need to know about the cert before they get started. All right, so once you are ready to sit your exam, the next thing that you have to do is you have to schedule the exam and the test provider for this exam is going to be Pearson VUE. So go to Pearson views website, search for CompTIA and the A+ exam 221,002 and make sure that you pay for that exam, schedule it, and then it'll be time to find your location. Or I said you probably find your location first, then schedule it and set that exam. >> Yep, and that website is And this is part two, you do have to pass both exams in order to get your certificationmm, so keep that in mind. Now Wes, I know that this course is one of your specialties, something that you really find up, why are you excited about this course? >> I tell you what, in the first course that we did, it was a lot of theory, a lot of concepts, a lot of hardware, all right? I love hardware, but I really like being able to dig down into the operating system and show you the software side just cuz we can give you a lot more demonstrations and practical application of some of skills that you need when you sit down and maybe start maybe your first help desk support technician job role. So that's one of the things that I absolutely love is to hands on that we can do with the software side of your A+ certification. >> All right, thanks for answering my questions Wes. For you viewers out there, if this sounds like the course, it's right up your alley, don't go anywhere because we've got episodes of accelerated CompTIA A+ coming up next. Thank you for watching ITPro TV. [MUSIC]

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