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An agile approach to transformational change8 H 37 M

What is the AgileSHIFT approach? Tune in to learn the concepts of the AgileSHIFT approach to transformational project management, and prepare for the Axelos exam.

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  • AgileSHIFT
    • Overview
    • Introduction to AgileSHIFT
    • Value and VUCA
    • TechSHIFT and Disrupters
    • The Delta
    • Enterprise Agility
    • Enterprise Agility Part 2
    • Why AgileSHIFT
    • The AgileSHIFT Framework
    • The AgileSHIFT Framework Part 2
    • The AgileSHIFT Framework Part 3
    • AgileSHIFT Principles
    • AgileSHIFT Principles Part 2
    • AgileSHIFT Principles Part 3
    • AgileSHIFT Practices
    • AgileSHIFT Practices Part 2
    • AgileSHIFT Roles
    • The AgileSHIFT Workflow
    • The AgileSHIFT Workflow Part 2
    • The AgileSHIFT Workflow Part 3
    • The AgileSHIFT Workflow Part 4
    • The AgileSHIFT Examination
    • The AgileSHIFT Examination Part 2


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Based on AXELOS AgileShift® material. Material is reproduced under license from AXELOS. All rights reserved. AgileShift® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. In this series we explore the concepts of the AgileSHIFT approach to transformational project management and prepare for the AgileSHIFT examination accredited by Axelos. *Access to this content requires an exam voucher*

[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to the AgileSHIFT series here on ITProTV. I'm Jo Peacock and in this series we're going to be looking at AgileSHIFT. AgileSHIFT is the approach to transformational change from an agile perspective. Now we all know about Agile. We know what Agile means. We know about the agility that is required to manage projects and we often think about Agile from just an IT project management perspective. But in this series we explore the concept of applying Agile approaches, agility to our transformational projects. So we look at, well, implementing an Agile based approach to transformation within our organization. And that's not just within IT but it's within the entire organization as a whole. So we look at concepts, such as, bringing the team on board. We look at the delta, in other words, how we actually bridge the gap from where we are right now to where we want to be. We look at the professional development of our teams within our organization. The move from an I shaped professional through to a star shaped professional. In other words, somebody who has specialisms in multi-disciplines. But most importantly, we look at how we can facilitate value delivery to our organization, and how we can encourage our organization to think like a start-up, to encourage innovation. And to, more importantly, adopt enterprise agility, allowing our organization to meet the demands that comes along with being an organization, an enterprise, in the 21 first century. So I want to invite you to join me, Jo Peacock, in our AgileSHIFT series where we'll be covering more of these in depth. And just as importantly, we will be preparing you for the AgileSHIFT certification through PeopleCert as this is a certified and accredited course from AXELOS. So I'll join you in our first episode. [MUSIC]