Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

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  • Project Management Basics
    • Overview
    • The PMI Way of Thinking of Project Management
    • The CAPM Exam
    • Tools for CAPM Exam Success
    • Project Management Methodologies
    • The Project Management Guiding Principles
    • The Project Management Domains
    • The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
    • Project Management Terminology
    • The Project Management Plan
    • Balancing Competing Constraints
    • The Planning Performance Domain
    • Planning a Schedule
    • Risk Planning
    • Stakeholder Management Plan
    • Closing a Project
    • Project Stakeholders
    • The Project Manager vs Project Sponsor
    • Agile Roles and Servant Leadership
    • The Project Team
    • Emotional Intelligence and the Project Manager
    • Project Initiation and the Benefits Management Plan
    • Communication Management
    • Using Meetings Appropriately
    • The Tools and Techniques of Problem Solving
  • Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies
    • Organizational Structures of Predictive Project Management
    • Project Processes and Deliverables
    • Critical Path Method
    • Earned Value and the Project Schedule
    • The Work Breakdown Structure
    • Quality Management Planning
    • Integration Management
    • Project Artifacts
    • Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Adaptive Methodologies
    • Adaptive vs Predictive
    • The Adaptive Environment
    • Iterative Progression
    • Scope of an Agile Project
    • Project Tracking
    • Adaptive Project Artifacts
    • Scrum
    • SAFe
    • XP and Kanban
    • Executing an Agile Project
    • Criteria for Success
    • The Agile Manifesto and Guiding Principles
    • How to perform a Sprint
  • Business Analysis Framework
    • Business Analysis and Roles
    • Communication Methods and Tools
    • Communicating Between Teams
    • Requirements Gathering (Elicitation)
    • Model and Refine Requirements
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Introducing the Product Roadmap
    • Business Analysts in Predictive Approaches
    • Business Analysts in Adaptive Approaches
    • What is Acceptance Criteria?
    • Validation against Evaluation Activities
  • Exam Preparation
    • How to Sign Up for CAPM Exam


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This episode gives an overview of what you can expect to learn in this introductory project management course.

<v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> You're watching ITProTV. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> Thank you so much for joining us. I'm your host <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>Lauren Deal and I'll be are advocating as we go along for <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>cap. And but I'm so excited to welcome our special guest, <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>which is Chris Ward how are you doing today. I'm doing fantastic. Lauren, <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>good to have you in studio with me today. Thank you so much. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>Well, please tell everyone a little bit about yourself and <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>your experience with Project Management. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> Okay. Well, really easy. I am a pmp project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>professional. Also prince to practitioner and also work with <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>a lot of it. Service management like I till governance like <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>COVID it. I sack like see risk in many different things. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>And that's kind of my area of expertise. And so what I'm <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>going to do in this series is bring you the information that <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>you need to understand the new cap and certified in associate <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>and project management exam that is going to be released in <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>early 2023. As of right now as we record this in December of <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>2022, supposed to come out in 2023 January. So hopefully that <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>has happened. But this it basically is going to help show <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>you Lauren exactly what it is that you need to study and <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>learn for that exam. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> I have to say I'm really excited because I had just a <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>smidgen experience of project management. So so excited to <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>jump in and get the updated information that we need for <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>this exam. So who would be the perfect audience at home <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>watching this color along with us? <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> With the good news is that this is something for those of <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>you who are just starting in project management. Maybe you <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>just I was saying got a bug in the annual I thought I Love <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>Project management. Want to project management or let's say <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>you've been doing project management for many, many <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>years, but now your boss or management or maybe you want to <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>get a like a Department of Defense contractor, something <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>like that where they require you to be certified, then this <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>is the best one to get started with kept them is an entry <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>level exam. So for those of you that are out there, you know, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>that's pretty much what this is going to do is going to get you <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>that for certification. Plus many people who want to get the <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>pmp. They want to get this pmp right. It's the kind of like <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>the cream of the crop, the best of the best certification you <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>can get. However, it does require quite a bit of <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>experience in actual project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>here. All you have to do is take some this course and <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>another course and you are ready to go. You have to be <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>what we call that and we'll talk about this later. The the <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>expect not only experience but actually the the education. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>That was the word I was looking for and the education necessary <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>to take the cap them. And we'll talk a little bit about that <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>when we break the exam down in a little bit more detail. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> Given me hope, Chris, I'm excited to jump into this. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>But before we start, we know what to expect in this course. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>What's the structure would be learned about, OK? Well, <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>as we said, you know, we have a a new cap and so is as we're <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>going to see over here on the slide. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> As of January, Twenty-twenty Surrey, the exam has going, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>I would say we'll change. You might be watching this <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>later. So has changed. And so what does that mean? Well, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>essentially, what PM I did is they took a look at project <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>management in today's world's and project management has been <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>around forever and ever and ever, I mean, think about it in <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>back to the pyramids. They did some sort of project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>to get those things built. And so over time, though, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>things change in today's modern society and technology based it <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>projects things are different. So as you can see, they found <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>several areas that really an address. They said, hey, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>we're not talking about ad Joe, we're not talking about <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>business analysis. We're not talking about the difference <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>between a predictive kind of waterfall approach to project <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>management and the new ad, Joe, way of doing things and has <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>been around for years and years now. And now they're they're <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>kind of bringing it in full scale into the exams not only <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>here in kept them, but also in the pmp coming up because <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>there's a new pin block out the 10 Bucks 7th Edition. And so <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>they want the exam to kind of filter in and come to that. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>So the way they did this is they utilize with the COVID job <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>task analysis. And so they interviewed a whole bunch of <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>people, even me. I got an e-mail from PMI going. Chris, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>your pmp, your project manager. What do you see in the future? <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>What are you seeing in project management today? And what are <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>we missing in the exam? So that's the great thing about PM <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>Eyes, certification exams. They really wanted to be, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>yes, a certification exam, but it they wanted to reflect more <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>real world where well, more real world right now is more <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>agile, doing business analysis before you begin projects. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>So you're not just throwing money at something that's not <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>going to do something of value. So we're taking a look at that. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>And the good news is, Lauren, is that, you know, as things <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>change, there's always the Web site, right? <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> There's always the website and all the information that <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>you need for the update is stuff is from 04:00PM. I got to <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>work. Yes. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> Absolutely. Yeah. So if you if you if you're like winter, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>all right. When was this recorded, you know, December <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>2022? And I'm sure something states. Hey, check out PMI dot <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>org for that. Now, Lauren mentioned, you know, what are <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>some of the things that we can do, how we're going to break <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>this down? Well, one of the big things that we're going to do <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>here is instead of the old days when they used to use knowledge <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>areas and process a project process, groups like initiation <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>planning execution, monitoring, controlling in closing. Now <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>they're talking much more about how the project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>principles of the principles of project management that are out <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>there, how they relate to what are known as project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>domains. And so you can kind of see the diagram right here and <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>what that essentially does is instead of doing it the old <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>way, they're going to ask you questions that are going to <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>come from domains. So in this case, we can see that a domain <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>is defined as the high level knowledge at a at a high level <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>about something that could be something like scope or it <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>could be something like a, you know, time or communication. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>You know, those are going to the high level domains will <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>underneath. Those are going to be the tasks and these are the <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>underlying responsibilities of the project manager. So this is <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>what you do as a project manager. Hold on to that <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>thought because a lot of the time Lauren are going to say, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>by the way, remember, the exam is all about you, the project <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>manager. What are you going to do? So task to going to be very <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>important. And then that rolls into, of course, the enabler <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>swell. Those are the what are the tools that you have, <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>what are the resources you're going to be using things like <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>that so that Lauren is pretty much how we're going to break <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>down all of these areas in the capital exam. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> This is fantastic. It's nice to see the progression of what <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>we have used and what we're about to be using. But speaking <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>of using things show said. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> A sneak preview of the pen books. You want to see him back <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>7 and I was going to wait until later. But here you go again. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>Here is the new shiny. It is Jen. See, look at that is the <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>shiny new pin but guide in all its glory. The 7th edition. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>One nice thing you'll notice is look at half and this is the <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>open boxer like this there in the end, all the knowledge <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>years now, all that information is still out there at PMI Dot <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>org. And you can find out about the knowledge areas and how <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>that works. In fact, they've got a couple of great journal <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>articles on, hey, this is what used to be in. This is how <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>we're doing it now. So we're going to take a lot of I was <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>going to look at it. But a lot of looks at that knew him by. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> We'll have to say I I take a sigh of relief seeing up in it. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>Is the city to jump into this anything that you are excited <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>to maybe want to tease them about? Well. <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>>> I like I said, this is going to be an introductory level <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>course. A lot of these things are going to be high level <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>quick, easy, fast videos for you guys to watch. And we want <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>to make sure that all of you out there in project management <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>land and get the knowledge that the skills are necessary for <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>you to step in, take that exam, pass it. And then now, guess <v.Male.spk3 Speaker1>what, you're project management certified. <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> Well, I'm excited to be learning right along with you <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>and probably asking the questions that you love the <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>asking, Chris. So let's not we see more times jumping or first <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>episode. <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> Thank you for watching ITProTV.