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  • DevOps Foundation
    • Introduction to DevOps Foundation
    • The DevOps Foundation Exam
    • Origins of DevOps
    • Origins of DevOps Part 2
    • Origins of DevOps Part 3
    • Definition and Justification for DevOps
    • Misconceptions of DevOps
    • Lean
    • Agile
    • DevOps Principles
    • DevOps Principles Part 2
    • DevOps Key Practices: Inherent Challenges
    • DevOps Key Practices: Inherent Challenges Part 2
    • DevOps Key Practices: Working Efficiently
    • DevOps Key Practices: Working Efficiently Part 2
    • Applicability and Limitations of DevOps
    • Evolving Architecture and Organizational Models
    • Sample Exam Part 1
    • Sample Exam Part 2

Introduction to DevOps Foundation

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In this accredited EXIN DevOps Professional series, you’ll learn how to apply the key concepts and principles of DevOps including the Three Ways and the Simian Army. Whether you are a DevOps Engineer, Agile or Scrum practitioner, Lean IT Professional, developer, or project manager, the skills and practices in this training will equip you to participate and lead in the DevOps environment. Combined with sample papers and discussion, this course will help you prepare for the DevOps Professional certification exam.

[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to your DevOps Foundation series here on ITProTV. I'm Jo Peacock and I'm inviting you to join me and also our host Vonne Smith in this series where we will take our first toe in the water, our first step into the world of DevOps. Now here we are on the governance side of things as opposed to other courses in our library, which Justin has helped you with, which are looking purely at the development side of DevOps. Well, we're here firmly in the land of governance and we are taking our first step, as I mentioned, into DevOps. We're going to look at the concept of DevOps, what DevOps really means. Is there really such a thing as synergy between developments and operations? And we're going to be preparing ourselves for the DevOps Foundation exam, which is accredited through EXIN. Throughout this series, as I've said, we're going to be explaining about DevOps, where DevOps came from. We're going to be looking at the basics, the principles of DevOps. And we're also going to be looking at the basic practices and the different flavors of DevOps as well. So I'm gonna invite you to join me, Jo, in our DevOps Foundation series and prepare yourselves for the DevOps Foundation examination. So I will see you in our next episode. [MUSIC]