Leading Your Scrum Team Effectively

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  • Planning and Estimating in Scrum
    • Overview
    • Choosing Your Estimation Method
    • Planning with the Product Roadmap
    • Forecasting with Scrum
  • Scrum in Action
    • Preparing your First Sprint
    • Refining the Product Backlog
    • Managing Defects
    • Canceling the Sprint
    • Source Control and CI/CD
    • Testing in Scrum
    • Can you use Remote Teams in Scrum?
    • What is Technical Debt?


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Chris and Lauren give an overview of this course.

WEBVTT >> Welcome in, I'm your host Lauren Deal and I'll be your learner advocate as we go along. But I'm so excited to welcome Chris Ward to the show. How are you today? I'm doing really well Lauren and glad to be here as we start off another one of our >> professional scrum master courses. Hopefully you've already went and looked at the first one, but maybe you're doing this a little bit out of order. Well then welcome to the show. Excited to have you here and now Lauren you're going to be helping out. I love how she talks about being the learner advocate. What does that mean maybe for somebody who's kind of new to IT pro? >> Well great question Chris. So I'm learning as we go along. I'd like to get the certification for the scrum master as well. So I'll be asking the questions that maybe you have at home and reminding you to take notes because I know I'm taking notes as well. So Chris I'm hoping I can help everyone at home >> maybe have a direct line to the master, the scrum master. I see. Well hopefully we can do that. Also just remember everybody that we are going to be talking about in this course a little bit more about scrum and actually I would say leading your team, your scrum team, going through the motions, learning things like planning and estimating. We'll talk about things like burn down charts and burn up charts, velocity and even the product road map. So we got some exciting things all planned Lauren and that's in this I would say the second but also part of the professional scrum master courses that you can take here at IT pro. >> But are you ready? I'm excited let's jump into our first episode. Let's do it. We'll see you there.