Leading Your Scrum Team Effectively

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  • Planning and Estimating in Scrum
    • Overview
    • Choosing Your Estimation Method
    • Planning with the Product Roadmap
    • Forecasting with Scrum
  • Scrum in Action
    • Preparing your First Sprint
    • Refining the Product Backlog
    • Managing Defects
    • Canceling the Sprint
    • Source Control and CI/CD
    • Testing in Scrum
    • Can you use Remote Teams in Scrum?
    • What is Technical Debt?


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  • Transcript

Chris and Lauren give an overview of this course.

line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Welcome in. I'm your host, Lauren Dillon, all beer learner line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>advocate as we go along. But I'm so excited to welcome line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>Chris Ward to the show for you today. I'm doing really well, line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>Lauren, and glad to be here as we start off another one of our line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> professional scrum, master courses. Hopefully Vardy went line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>and look at the first one. But maybe you're doing this line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>little bit out of more than welcome to the show. Excited to line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>have you here. And now, Lauren, you're going to be helping out. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>I love how she said that about being the learner advocate. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>What does that mean? Maybe for somebody kind of knew it pro. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> Well, great question, Chris. So I'm learning as we go along, line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>I'd like to get the certification for the scrum line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>master as well. So be asking the questions that maybe you line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>have at home and reminding you to take note because I know I'm line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>taking notes as well. So, Chris, I'm hoping I can help line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>everyone at home. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>>> Maybe have a direct line to the master. The master. See line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>well to hopefully give you that. Also, just remember line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>everybody that we're going to be talking about in this course line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>a little bit more about scrum and actually hacked. Actually, line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>it was the leading your team, your scrum team going through line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>the motions, learning things like planning and estimating. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>We'll talk about things like burn down charts and burn up line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>charts but lost the DEA and even the product roadmaps. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>We've got some exciting things all planned. Lauren, that's in line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>this. line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>I would say the second, but also part of the professionals line:-1 <v.Male.spk2 Speaker2>scrum, master courses that you can take here and it pro. line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>>> But are you right? I say let's jump into our first line:-1 <v.Female.spk1 Speaker1>episode. Let's do it. We'll see you there.