Apple Certified Support Professional macOS 11

ACSP11 H 58 M

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  • Installation and Configuration
    • Overview
    • Installation Requirements
    • Building Installation Media
    • Installing macOS
    • Initial System Configuration
    • Configuring Printers
  • User Accounts
    • Local User Accounts
    • iCloud Accounts
    • Special User Accounts
    • User Account Security
    • Screen Time
  • Data Management
    • Storage Hardware
    • File Systems
    • File System Maintenance
    • FileVault Disk Encryption
    • Archives and Disk Images
    • Default File Permissions
    • Customizing Permissions
    • Special File Permissions
    • Aliases and Links
    • Hidden Files
    • Understanding File Domains
  • Networking
    • Network Types and Addressing
    • Configuring Ethernet Adapters
    • Configuring WiFi Adapters
    • Network Locations
    • File and Folder Sharing
    • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Applications and Processes
    • Using the macOS App Store
    • Application Security
    • Application Preferences
    • Quick Look
    • Auto Save
    • Voice Control and Siri
  • Troubleshooting and Support
    • Troubleshooting Applications
    • Troubleshooting Peripherals
    • Updating macOS
    • The macOS Boot Process
    • Introduction to macOS Recovery
    • Backing Up with Time Machine
    • Restoring Files from Time Machine
    • Restoring macOS from Time Machine


6 M

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  • Transcript

Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification confirms the candidate's understanding of macOS's core functionality as well as having the ability to configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple users with essential macOS capabilities. Candidates for this course may be in a role of help desk professional, technical coordinator, or power user who supports macOS users, manages networks, or provides technical support for the Mac.

You're watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC] Hello, thank you for watching IT Pro TV. I am Zach and this is Don and we're talking about Apple Certified Support Professional Mac OS 11 for big sur great, great course. And Don tell us a little bit about yourself before we get going. >> All right, so I'm Don Pezet, I am co-founder of IT Pro TV, but also one of the entertainer's here, I have worked with Apple computers for a long, long time. I actually supported an Apple network for a law firm back in 1995, and so I've been working with Mac in a professional since for over 25 years now and it has been quite a ride. Really exciting technology to work with but also hold certification from other vendors like Microsoft, Cisco Project Management type stuff doesn't really apply that to the Mac side. But I have worked in the field as well, I've had to support Mac like this and that's really what this series is all about supporting Mac computers. So it's a fun one and one that I've got a unique background >> And he certainly has the credentials to do just that. Now, I'm Zach Memos, I've been with IT Pro TV, going on four years, just about four years. Very heavy broadcast background, radio, television, even motion pictures. I do have a lot of experience working in the IT field here at IT Pro TV. I've worked with Don on previous Apple courses and I'm so glad to be here, but enough about me. Let's talk about this course, Don, what can the learner gain from viewing the whole course. >> Alright well you can gain a lot is really gonna be focused on how you manage Macs on the network. Now, you support them, so if you work in a business that has Max deployed and you're the person people call when they have problems. Well, we're gonna run over all the different things you need to know about a Mac to keep them healthy, happy and running smoothly. So that's one big thing that you can gain if you're coming from a Windows background and moving into Max. This is a great course to get you ramped up on how everything works under the hood so you can kinda learn the mechanisms and actually use these yourself. But if you're somebody who's been using Max for a while already you'll still gain something. Because you'd be surprised the various features that your users dig into and there's a lot of features that are hidden underneath. Mac OS is easy to use, interface that we'll get a chance to see all throughout this series as well as special troubleshooting tools to help you find and isolate and hopefully resolve problems that your users have. >> I'm already excited about it and I've been in every episode [LAUGH] so as we move on, how is the course structured, how are the episodes structured? >> So we follow our standard 20 minute episode timeframe so every episode is broken up in that 20 minute window. And we're gonna run through things kind of what I consider start to finish to start, we're going to focus on how to get Mac OS installed on a machine, some of the different installation options. Then we'll talk about how we do the initial configuration, get it connected to the network and other settings that are required just to get the Mac ready to use. Once sensor will move into more advanced things like creating user accounts and groups, managing permissions, installing software, configuring security settings on the map to make sure it's secure as possible. Each of those we're just gonna handle piece by piece as we go through, so you can watch the series as a whole if you want or you can just jump right into a particular area if you just want to learn about networking, jump right into that networking section. And then at the end we're going to focus on troubleshooting all the different things that can go wrong in Mac OS land. We'll talk about using technologies like time machine diagnostic mode, target mode and all these other various functions that are part of Mac OS to be able to fix our problems and get our systems back up and running. >> And those are a lot of terrific episodes. And now what about practice labs exams downloadable. >> Alright, well, unfortunately due to Apple's licensing, we can't do practice labs on this one, they only allow you to virtualize Mac OS running on Mac hardware. But if you already have a Mac, you can spin up Macintosh virtual machines and create your own labs at no cost, very easy. If you're on a Windows machine, it's a different story, you can use services like AWS where they have hosted max that you can remote into an experiment with their as well. Practice exams are not available for this one either that's because it's just not honestly, it's not that terribly popular of a certification. Is a very valuable cert and an extremely useful but the Apple market share is smaller than Windows in other places. There's not a practice exam for this one, but otherwise you can go through the course, we do have our full Q and A forums and other resources available. If you have questions, you can ask them, well, make sure you get the answers you need. >> Fantastic, so there are some downloadable is available to you as well. All right, let's talk about this, you mentioned briefly certification, there's a certification here, I'm guessing it's ACSP. >> [LAUGH] that's right. Alright, so Apple has scaled back their certification program quite a bit, and this is one of the only certifications left from Apple. The Apple certified Support Professional and there used to be a number of courses you could pick from and different tests you can take to get that certification. Now there's only one. The official course is called the Mac OS Support Essentials is the official Apple course that you can take and then the exam is the Apple Certified Support Professional. This course on IT, Pro TV is designed to help get you ready for the Apple Certified Support Professional exam, it covers all of the content included in the Mac OS Support Essentials course. But it also covers some additional materials and things to get you really ready for that exam in and really ready for the real world where things are a little bit different than an exam. So that's our goal is to get you ready for it when you're ready when you take the course you understand the material you're comfortable with it. Then you can go and schedule the exam through Apple, actually it's administered through a company called On View and On View has locations all over the world. Hopefully you can find one near you or you can take it remotely, you can actually do the exam online. Jump over to Apple dot com to find the details on that, you can register through them and take the exam that's all handled through Apple? Not through IT Pro TV. >> Well I'm excited about this course and like I said earlier I've been in every single episode but Don why are you excited about the course? >> I just I love Apple computers, they're really cool underneath. They run UNIX and so that's an area that I'm really comfortable in and so I like having the best of both worlds, a good UI on top of a powerful operating system. So Macs are really wonderful and I just love giving people a chance to learn about new computers and how to interact with them. >> As do I? Well, listen, if a CSP Mac OS 11 big sur is something that you should be interested in, you should be interested in it. I'm Zach Memos, I'm done present and thank you for watching. Thank you for watching IT Pro TV.