Linux Shell Scripting - Basics

From zero to scripting8 H 45 M

In this course, take a look at some basic scripting practices in Linux like script file formats, working with variables, loops, script control, and more.

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  • Basic Script Building
    • Overview
    • Basic Script Building
  • Using Variables
    • Using Variables
  • Performing Math
    • Redirection
    • Performing Arithmetic
  • Exiting Scripts
    • Conditional Statements
    • Conditional Statements Part 2
    • Conditional Statements Part 3
  • Structured Commands
    • Loops
    • Loops Part 2
    • Loops Part 3
  • Handling User Input
    • User Input Positional Parameters
    • User Input Positional Parameters Pt 2
    • User Input Options
    • User Input Options Part 2
    • User Input Read
  • Presenting Data
    • Presenting Data File Descriptors
  • Script Control
    • Script Control
    • Script Control Part 2


5 M

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  • Episode Description

In this series, Daniel and Don walk you through the fundamentals of bash scripting in the Linux operating system. Watch here as they take you through the fundamentals like: Script file formats, running scripts, working with variables, performing arithmetic, conditional statements, loops, presenting data, taking user input, and script control.

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