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Harness the power of simplified cost management and unrivaled customer support with AWS Cloud Billing & Support. AWS's cost monitoring tools, like AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets, allow you to easily manage and track your AWS costs, empowering you to make the most of your budget. AWS's repository of invaluable information resources offers detailed insights into optimizing costs, managing resources, and troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, AWS Support Services are committed to ensuring a seamless cloud experience. From a wide variety of premium support plans to a comprehensive knowledge center and highly responsive customer service, AWS has got you covered. Additionally, AWS Support offers tools like AWS Trusted Advisor, which inspects your AWS environment and provides real-time guidance to help you provision your resources following best practices. With AWS Cloud Billing & Support, navigate your cloud journey with ease and confidence, knowing you have the best tools and support to optimize your costs and enhance your user experience.

WEBVTT >> (upbeat music) Well, I love a good BOGO. That's buy one, get one. And in this module, we are gonna get two for one. We're gonna be looking at billing and costs and how to monitor those things in AWS. And we're also gonna be finding out about the rich support services that are available. Here to guide us through all this great content is Jill West. Jill, how about letting everyone know a bit about yourself? >> So I am an instructor at a technical college in Northwest Georgia. I'm also a full-time author for Cengage. So I write a lot of the textbooks specifically for the CompTIA certifications. This one is my book for the CompTIA Cloud Plus certification. We're about ready to start updating this one. I've also got four kids and got an active life at home as well. So that's kind of a little bit about me. >> So billing and support services. Jill, I was right in that, and I'm asking you, I'm certainly not that confident, but it seems like, my goodness, if we don't consistently monitor costs in AWS, we could have some pretty big surprises. - >> You can, and it's amazing how quickly these kinds of expenses can start to build up and expand if you don't have the right monitoring situations in place. If you want these technologies, watching what's going on, you want to be able to get some cost visibility so that you're seeing what's happening, and it's not just in a single account. When we start to talk about an enterprise environment where we have an entire organization with lots of different accounts and organizational units, we need that cost visibility deeper into all of these accounts and be able to watch our cost centers, be able to watch these different projects and various users with different layers of permissions. So all of this comes together into the billing monitoring. >> Another great thing that you're going to see in this module is how Jill is really going to help us when it comes to getting AWS support. There is way more than just one way to get help with AWS, and Jill is going to be walking us through the many different options we have there. Well, there's a lot of great content in store for you here, so grab your mouse, and let's click on that next video to get started.