AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
    • Study Tips and Techniques
  • Intro to Cloud
    • Course Introduction
    • What Is the Cloud?
    • Well-Architected Framework Pt. 1
    • Well-Architected Framework Pt. 2
    • Cloud Economics
    • Cloud Native Design
    • Migration Strategies
    • Accessing Your AWS Resources
    • Cloud Deployment Models
    • Connecting to the Cloud
    • AWS Infrastructure
    • Edge Computing
  • Compute
    • Popular Compute Services
    • VMs in the Cloud
    • Containers in the Cloud
    • Serverless Compute
    • Scaling Compute
    • Popular Database Services
    • Relational Databases
    • Other Database Types
  • Networking
    • Popular Networking Services
    • Networking in VPCs
    • VPC Security
    • Edge Services
  • Storage
    • Popular Storage Services
    • Object Storage
    • Block Store and File Systems
    • Backups and Lifecycles
  • Specialized Services
    • AI & ML Services
    • Analytics Services
    • Application Integration Services
    • Business and Engagement Services
    • Developer Tools
    • Frontend, Mobile, and IoT Services
    • Automation and IaC
  • Security
    • Shared Responsibility Model
    • Cloud Compliance Concerns
    • Security Services
    • Data Security
    • Monitoring and Logging Services
    • AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • Cloud Access Control
    • Security Documentation
  • Billing & Support
    • Organizations
    • Cost Monitoring
    • AWS Information Resources
    • AWS Support Services

Course Overview

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The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Practitioner certification serves as the ideal starting point for technical and non-technical professionals to build expertise in the AWS cloud. This course provides a foundational introduction to AWS's most popular cloud services, including EC2, Lambda, S3, EBS, VPC, and RDS. You'll learn the core concepts of cloud computing and see how billing and pricing strategies can save companies money on their IT infrastructure. The course also explores cloud security and compliance solutions, covering every objective and service listed on the Cloud Practitioner exam objectives. Course Learning Objectives: 1) Explain foundational cloud concepts. 2) Use popular AWS services, including EC2, Lambda, S3, EBS, and VPC. 3) Apply fundamental security best practices in AWS. 4) Use pricing models and information resources to manage cloud costs.

WEBVTT >> Hello everyone and welcome to this very exciting ACI Learning event where we are going to be going through the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. I say we, it'll be me in some episodes. My name is Anthony Sequera. I'm one of the full-time edutainers here at ACI Learning and also Lauren Diehl, another full-time edutainer at ACI Learning. You'll see her in plenty of the episodes, but our subject matter expert that's going to be leading each of these videos is none other than Jill West. Jill, how about a little information about you? I know you well now, but our audience might not. >> Yeah, you know, I've really had a good time getting to know you, Anthony, this week. So my name is Jill West. I live in northwest Georgia with my husband and our four kids. I'm an instructor at a technical college in Georgia. I'm also a full-time author for Cengage. So I write a lot of the networking and cloud books for Cengage as well as some intro to computing books. This is my CompTIA Cloud Plus book from Cengage. We're about to start the next edition here in a few months. So that's me. I do the teaching and I do the writing and then I raise my kids. >> Now before we get into the technical content that we're going to be assisting you with, I just wanted to mention something. This is pretty neat for me. I have never got to deliver one of our certification training courses out of this remarkable studio. I'm normally in one of our other studios. Jill, I know you were kind of helping to design this teaching layout this week. >> Yeah, so one of my passions, I started out in psychology with my first degree because I wanted to understand how people think. And then I got a degree in education because I wanted to understand how people learn. And then since then, I've gone into IT, but I always go back to those first passions of understanding the mind and learning processes. So I read a lot of learning science research and I've been reading some studies about how our minds work better. We can make creative connections between information when we engage our peripheral vision so that we're not just looking at the information that's right there in front of us in a small screen. Now we can't control the size of your screen, but we can control the relationship of the screen compared to us. So we're in this studio with this massive screen. It helps to engage your peripheral vision as you're looking at us and we're moving around and we're moving with the information. We've got a lot of animations. There's another part of the research that I've been reading about body movement and hand movement to help engage the mirror neurons in your brain so that when you see us moving, then it's hitting those mirror neurons in your brain so that you feel like you're moving as well. The studies are showing that when students and instructors both are using hand movements or body movements to illustrate the material that's being discussed, it makes that material more sticky in your brain. Not only do you learn it better the first time, but you also remember it for longer. So we're getting to take advantage of those insights. I love it. And >> by the way, when it comes to the technical content that we're going to be going through here, it is going to be an objective by objective breakdown of what you need to know for the AWS cloud practitioner exam. This course has another unique element in that Lauren Deal, myself, Jill West, we're all cloud practitioners. So there's going to be some great benefit there. Well, we are going to be looking at all kinds of aspects of AWS from compute to databases, to specialized services, to support, to cost support, security, all of these areas. Jill, I was just super curious. Is there a favorite area that you have of this course? I know all of the areas are important, >> but is there a favorite of yours? Yeah, we've both been talking about, we both love the cloud so much, and especially AWS. That's a really good question. I think I would have to say the episodes that excited me the most, even though I have a passion for networking, I really enjoyed learning more about the latest technologies that are coming out. So the specialized services module, we talked about AI and machine learning and data analytics and automation and infrastructure as code, all of these buzzwords that we hear conversations about in podcasts or conferences and even over the news with the generative AI and all of that. And so the cloud kind of gives us a level playing field across all different kinds of companies where you don't necessarily have to have a massive data center with tons of resources and budget for hardware in order to tap into some of these newer technologies. So I'm really excited how something like AWS and even just this cloud practitioner level exam can give you some insights into what these technologies are, how you might be able to use them in your own organization, even if you don't have a massive tech budget. >> Well, I don't know how you found us, but I sure am thrilled that you did because you are in for true best of breed AWS cloud practitioner training. If you don't believe me, just click ahead to some of the videos of content that we have in store with you. Thanks so much for joining us for this AWS cloud practitioner, and we will see you in the next video.