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Developing for AWS17 H 48 M

Are you a software developer looking to work in AWS? This AWS Certified Developer exam prep course teaches you how to utilize AWS to create applications.

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This course has a practice test
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Overview
    • Security in AWS
    • Set Up Roles, Groups and Users
    • Set Up Roles, Groups and Users Part 2
    • Security Policies
    • Security Policies Part 2
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • EC2 Fundamentals
    • Storage in EC2
    • EC2 Up and Running
    • Project: Simple Web Server
    • Set Up AWS CLI
    • Project: Simple Web Server Using the CLI
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • S3 Fundamentals
    • Security in S3
    • Project: Static Website
    • Project: Static Website with CORS
    • Accessing S3 from EC2 with Roles
    • Developing for S3 and CloudFront
    • Project: Create a CloudFront Distribution
  • Relational Database Service (RDS)
    • RDS Fundamentals
    • RDS: Up and Running
    • RDS: Multi-AZ and Read Replicas
    • ElastiCache Fundamentals
  • Automation and Deployment
    • CloudFormation Fundamentals
    • Project: Simple Web Server with CloudFormation
    • Elastic Beanstalk Fundamentals
    • Deploying with Elastic Beanstalk CLI
  • Serverless
    • What is Serverless Computing
    • Use AWS Lambda
    • Use API Gateway
    • Step Functions and X-Ray
  • DynamoDB
    • DynamoDB Fundamentals
    • DynamoDB: Indexes, Acceleration and Queries
  • Encryption
    • KMS Fundamentals
  • Scaling Software
    • Simple Queue Service Fundamentals
    • Simple Notification Service Fundamentals
    • Kinesis Fundamentals
  • Developer Services
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • CodeCommit: git and AWS
    • CodeBuild: Test, Build and Save
    • CodeDeploy Fundamentals
    • CodeDeploy Fundamentals Part 2
    • CodePipeline Fundamentals
  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Web Identity Federation and Cognito


7 M

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The AWS Certified Developer Exam is intended for individuals that are familiar with software development and are looking to utilize AWS services to create scalable, fault tolerant applications. Some of the topics covered are creating and managing cloud virtual machine resources, implementing security with regards to application development, creating serverless applications using technologies such as S3 and Lambda, and exploring developer-centric services that will aid in application develpment. If you want to get an in-depth look at developing for AWS as well as prepare for the Certified Developer Exam, then join us!

[MUSIC] Hello there. In this segment we're gonna take a look at the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, and give you some pointers on how to prepare for the exam, what to expect, and how to utilize the upcoming course as much as possible. And with that said I think there's no better time then, and let's go and take a look at the AWS certification website. So, if you come to this may not be your first certification exam, but it may be, right? You come here for all of your certifications needs, within an AWS ecosystem. Now right here it says hey there some certification, exam prep resources, certification benefits. But really what you want to do, at least initially is to scroll down here, and get a little better look at the respective certifications that, you can possibly accomplish, and the first one under developer is the AWS Certified Developer Associate. Now this is en route to the Dev Ops Engineer Professional, if you so to choose that route. But there are other tabs here where you can look for Cloud Practitioner, the Architect, Solutions Architect Associate and Professional. As well as Sys Ops Administrator, which also leads to Dev Ops Engineer. But with that said if you click right here under learn more, if you click on register it'll take you to the registration for the exam. So click on learn more, and it will bring you over here to the certified developer page. Now, I will forewarn you as of recent time during this recording, the exam has transitioned. From the older, to the newer, quick reminder. Anything that is cloud based is probably gonna change, with relative frequency. You come here pre is on your right, so here's your pre June 2018, and then you new developer exam is here. Let's just take a look at the differences as far as the exam set up, and kind of, layout here. They're both multiple choice and multiple answer, but the new exam is 65 questions instead of the 55. The time to complete, you have 130 minutes. You have almost an entire hour more. And there's actually one more Korean language that is available to take the exam in. The exam fee is still $150, okay? Now if we scroll up here just a little bit, there's this exam guide. This does reflect whatever column you're in. We're gonna take a look at the exam guide for the new exam, as you begin preparing. Now, as you scroll down through this exam guide, it's gonna give you some recommendations and knowledge. You should have some hands on experience. You should, have some programming experience, right? You're doing the developer exam. And you should be aware of certain requirements AWS responsibility, security best practices, as well as developer kind of ideas, ideology. So, like CICD testing, and the sort. Now, if you're not a professional in this, that's okay. We'll discuss each one of these in the upcoming course, and dive in as far as AWS is concerned, like how does AWS provide continuous integration and continuous delivery? One of the newer things though on developer exam is, this part right here, Writing serverless applications. As of recent, serverless has become kind of the push, right? We're gonna take a look at the AWS Lambda infrastructure, API Gateway, as well as other technologies and services that integrate to provide serverless capabilities. So that's the general experience expectations. And it gives how to repair, we'll actually take a look at that in just a moment. And then it says you're gonna have multiple choice, multiple response, that's you have multi selects. Those are a little bit higher level. You should be used to those, right? Know that multiple choice is one, multiple select or multiple response, could be two or more. Scroll down here and you'll look. You have five domains. Deployment, and how do you go about deploying things, security, development with AWS services, refactoring and monitoring and troubleshooting. Now, monitoring and troubleshooting if you've come from another certification, maybe you've done Sysops or solutions architect. Some of these will have a little bit of overlap. But if you start looking into the more specifics within each domain, and you'll see, okay, Elastic Beanstalk, deploy serverless applications. How do I go about deploying that? Refactoring is probably going to be new compared to, write code that can be monitored. Perform root cause analysis on faults found in testing or production. Those are going to be monitoring technologies that you would have learned about in a previous certification. Now, if you're brand new, this is your first certification in the AWS world, you're gonna have to get up to speed with each of these. But in the following course, we will talk about each of these domains, and their respective services within those domains. You'll notice here Elastic Beanstalk was specifically called out, whereas serverless applications is fairly general. We'll talk about multiple technologies that are used in serverless applications, we will also talk about Elastic Beanstalk. Now, okay we've seen how the exam is set up, what to expect as far as pricing and timing. Well, how do you get ready, right? Well, obviously you're here. You're gonna watch the videos coming up. But also, I have a strong recommendation. These white papers, security best practices, Well_Architected Framework. I would read every one of these. At least a quick once through, if a stronger suggestion is, either get a digital copy, and if you look, if I come right here and I break open the Well-Architected Framework. This is a fairly large document, it has been newly updated. Not all of them are as new as this one, and it gives you like The Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework. Design principles that you should be familiar with when taking the exam because, well not only are you developing for the AWS platform, you're expected to employ best practices for the services that are provided to you. Read each of these white papers. Highlight, if you have your favorite PDF viewer, it's a good deal. If you don't, you can print these out, some of them are larger. Like this one's 68 pages, so do keep that in mind. That's up to you. Now as far as the exam goes, you can progress through, skip questions, mark for return. If you do not know a question immediately, then move forward, comeback, circle back. And your goal is to get as many correct, with as least amount of stress as possible. Now if you're ready to get started moving forward with your AWS Certified Developer's Associate exam, then we'll see you in the upcoming episodes. [MUSIC]