AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-CO2)

Designing distributed applications on AWS platform15 H 46 M

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  • Design
    • Overview
    • Architectures of Cloud Solutions
    • The Why of AWS
    • AWS Organizations
  • Security
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Users and Groups
    • Policies with IAM
    • IAM and Roles
    • Logging, Monitoring and Security
    • Set Up the AWS Command Line
  • Storage
    • S3 Essentials
    • S3 Security and Encryption
    • S3 Pricing Tiers and Lifecycle Management
    • S3 Object Replication
    • CloudFront Essentials
    • Create a CloudFront Distribution
    • Snow Storage Essentials
    • Storage Gateway Essentials
  • Compute
    • EC2 Essentials
    • Create an EC2 Instance
    • Security Groups: A Deeper Look
    • Elastic Block Storage Essentials
    • Network Interfaces and EC2
    • Script Setup with EC2
    • Deeper Look into AMIs
    • CloudWatch and EC2
    • Elastic File System and EC2
    • FSx Essentials
    • EC2 Placement Groups
    • Elastic Beanstalk Essentials
    • Deploy an Elastic Beanstalk Application
    • Lambda Essentials
    • Build a Serverless Image Preprocessor
  • Networking
    • Route53 DNS Essentials
    • Simple, Weighted Routing Policies in Route53
    • Latency, Failover, Geolocation Policies in Route53
    • VPC Essentials
    • Create a VPC from Scratch
  • Database
    • RDS Essentials
    • Create an RDS Instance
    • Multi-AZ RDS and Read Replicas
    • Amazon Aurora Essentials
    • ElastiCache Essentials
    • Redshift Essentials
    • DynamoDB Essentials
  • Containerization
    • ECS Essentials
    • Deploy a Containerized Application with ECS
    • EKS Essentials
  • Applications
    • SQS Essentials
    • SQS Integration
    • SNS Essentials
    • SNS Integration
    • Kinesis Essentials
    • CloudFormation Essentials
    • Application Deployment with CloudFormation
    • API Gateway Essentials
    • Amazon Cognito and Identities
  • Architecting
    • Load Balancer Essentials
    • Autoscaling Essentials
    • Create an Application with Load Balancing


2 M

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  • Episode Description

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam is intended for individuals with experience designing distributed applications and system on the AWS platform. In preparation for the exam, you will build familiarity with designing and deploying scalable systems in AWS, services that provide an alternative to your on-premises solution, ingress and egress of data with respect to the AWS platform. Moreover, you will develop the ability to select the appropriate service based on data, compute, or security while utilizing AWS best practices for architecture and cost management. We will see you there!

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