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Redefine connectivity with AWS Cloud Networking, the backbone of your cloud infrastructure. AWS provides carefully engineered networking services designed to facilitate reliable and highly secure network traffic control. Key among these is Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), providing on-demand, scalable virtual network solutions. VPC allows you to launch AWS resources, such as EC2 instances, into a virtual network tailored to your specific use case, thereby offering robust isolation and security. Furthermore, VPC security groups function as virtual firewalls controlling inbound and outbound traffic, enhancing your network's security profile. To top it off, AWS's exceptional Edge Services, including Amazon CloudFront, a fast content delivery network, ensure you achieve the low-latency and high transfer speeds that today's digital landscape demands. With AWS Cloud Networking, create an optimized, secure, and high-performing environment for your business's cloud operations.

WEBVTT >> Welcome to this module in AWS networking. In this module, you'll see Lauren Deal and myself. I think I sneak in there at the end to help host with Jill West, who's going to be guiding us through this wonderful AWS networking content. Jill, tell us a bit about yourself. >> So I am an instructor at a technical college in Northwest Georgia. I do that part-time and then full-time I write books for Cengage. Normally, the books are targeted to the CompTIA certification exams. This is my book on the CompTIA Cloud Plus certification, which we're about to update actually, it's about due for that one. Then I also have four kids at home. So I get the opportunity to talk with my kids that are not necessarily from a technical background about what the Cloud is and how all of this works. Then talking with my students about it as well, it's just a fascinating opportunity for conversations. We're so incredibly lucky to have >> Jill West guiding us through AWS networking because one of Jill's many expertise in the IT field is networking itself. So Jill is going to really be helping us to understand these fundamental components of networking, even before we begin to discuss AWS's version of the networking components. Now, Jill, I have to ask, is there one area that you would say in this look at networking is perhaps the most critical or maybe even the one that you're the most passionate about? >> I think we share that passion with the networking concepts and all the principles and the technologies for it. One thing I like about the networking space in AWS is that it feel familiar for those of us who have been working in the on-prem environment. So if we're used to working with IP address spaces and subnets, and we want some firewall protection and perimeter-based protection, you can do that in AWS. So in these episodes, we'll be talking about some of the ways you can transfer your existing knowledge from the on-prem environment into that Cloud environment. But we'll also be reaching into some of the newer technologies, especially with edge networking, and how can we bring the Cloud to our users at the edge of our Cloud locations? >> Well, if you are excited like I am to be going through AWS networking step-by-step and also paying close attention to the Cloud practitioner exam objectives, you are in the right place. Don't hesitate. Grab your mouse. Click on that next video and let's get started.