AWS Cloud Security

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    • Course Overview
  • AWS Security
    • Shared Responsibility Model
    • Cloud Compliance Concerns
    • Security Services
    • Data Security
    • Monitoring and Logging Services
    • AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • Cloud Access Control
    • Security Documentation

Course Overview

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Fortify your digital landscape with AWS Cloud Security, a reliable and comprehensive suite designed to protect your data, accounts, and workloads from threats. At the heart of AWS security is the Shared Responsibility Model, which delineates the security tasks between AWS and its clients, allowing for steadfast protection while maintaining operational performance. AWS's range of security services like Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Shield provide proactive protection and detailed vulnerability assessments. Enhance visibility and traceability with Monitoring and Logging services like AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch, enabling you to record, store, and monitor activity related to your AWS resources. Maintain granular control over user access with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), which facilitates secure management of resources in your AWS environment. Furthermore, AWS provides extensive security documentation, detailing best practices, whitepapers, and guides to help understand and implement AWS security measures. With AWS Cloud Security, create a secure, vigilant, and resilient cloud environment that stands the test of time.

WEBVTT >> Welcome, everyone, to this module entitled AWS Security. Huh, security in the cloud. What an interesting idea, probably pretty important. My name is Anthony Sequera. I'm a full-time edutainer here at ACI Learning. And I am thrilled to let you know we have a very special guest in studio today to guide us through this material. It's Jill West. Jill, >> tell us a bit about yourself. Thanks, Anthony. I have really enjoyed getting to work with you this week and get to know you better. My name is Jill West. I'm an instructor at a technical college in Northwest Georgia. I'm also a full-time author with Cengage. So I write a lot of the CompTIA certification books with Cengage, including the CompTIA Cloud Plus. This is where I got started in the cloud on a bigger scale. And then I've had the privilege to get to learn more and more about the cloud in the years since. I've also got four kids at home. So I'm pretty busy keeping up with writing and with teaching and with raising these kids. >> So I really look at this as just a critical module because so many these days might be fearful of a move to the cloud. And the excuse they would use would be, well, we're going to lose control. We're not going to be able to secure our resources like we would if we were on an on-prem or premises, on-premises environment. So Jill, I think you would agree, right? If we do our work in this module, we can actually increase >> the security posture of our organization. Exactly. I think this is a common misconception, probably even the most of a misconception related to the cloud. People think, well, if I go into the cloud, I no longer have control over it. So it's no longer secure. But really, AWS has thought of all of this. They know what you need as a customer of their services. And so they've already built all of these different services to make it easy to secure your resources in the cloud, even to outsource some of that responsibility for your security and know that AWS is doing an excellent job at their portion of the shared responsibility with security. So we look at things like firewall type protection, the more traditional perimeter type protection. But we also look at access control. We also look at compliance concerns. We also look at all of these different aspects of security, not just, oh, how do we build a perimeter? >> Well, I've got some exciting news for you. One of my favorite lessons that you'll be viewing is on compliance. And what a surprise, because when you hear compliance and you think about security, you immediately start thinking, well, laws and regulations and governance, that's not very exciting. But trust me, Jill West makes this very, very interesting. And another thing I love about this module, Jill, is how we're really doing a defense in depth strategy. You're teaching us the tools to guard against security breaches at every layer of our architecture. Well, we've got lots of great content for you in this section, as you can tell. Let's jump in and get started.