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Course Overview

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Experience the future of data storage with AWS Cloud Storage, offering a suite of robust storage solutions to fit your specific needs. AWS's popular storage services, such as Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), revolutionize how you store and retrieve data. With object storage in S3, you can manage and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. For more extensive data operations, AWS provides block storage via Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), which offers high-performance block-level storage for use with Amazon EC2 instances. Additionally, Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) provides scalable file storage for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources. To further cement your data's security, AWS's versatile backup services and lifecycle policies promise regular, automated backups and seamless data lifecycle management. With AWS Cloud Storage, navigate the data-heavy landscape of today confidently, knowing your data is secure, accessible, and easily manageable.

WEBVTT >> Welcome to our AWS Storage Module. My name is Anthony Sequera. You've probably seen me in the library. I'm one of the full-time edutainers here at ACI Learning, and we have a very special guest in for this module. It is book author and course trainer Jill West. Jill, the first question I have for you is, "Boy, you probably have a lot of experience with AWS Storage." Yeah, >> I've got a lot of opportunities to work with AWS and specifically with AWS Storage. So I am an instructor at a technical college in Georgia. I also write books for Cengage, one of which is the CompTIA Cloud Plus course from Cengage. And then I get to do this as well, working with the classes here, and I love interacting with you guys too. So when you email me, I get a chance to have those conversations. >> So when it comes to AWS Storage options, who are some of the stars of the show that we're going to be covering in this module? >> So it's important when you're looking at AWS Storage services to understand the different types of storage services that you'll encounter. So we have the more traditional block storage, like if you have a solid state drive, and then we have file system storage. So think about the directories or the folders that you would encounter in Windows or Linux. And then we have a new player to the game. It's a cloud-native approach to storage. It's an AWS storage service, and it's an AWS storage service. And then we have this object-based storage, and that's where we'll be talking about S3, simple storage service. And as Anthony keeps reminding us, that is the oldest AWS service. - >> Yeah, in fact, I love that we're going to spend so much time with S3 because I noticed that it really can be utilized by so many of the other services in AWS. Outside of S3, do you have a favorite storage service lately with AWS? - >> The one that we use a lot would be EBS, the Elastic Block Store, that we use to attach storage volumes onto EC instances. And we use those a lot as well in a lot of situations, especially if you're doing more of a lift and shift approach so that you want to do more of the same thing in the cloud that you've been doing on-prem. - >> If you're ready for an action-packed exploration of AWS storage, you're in the right place. We're going to see incredible slides that are going to really help us learn these topics. We're going to see really cool demonstrations of the actual technologies. And Jill is going to be stumping me left and right with practice exam questions. So we're thrilled that you are joining us for this AWS storage module. And don't waste any time, click that next video to get started. (upbeat music)