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Course Overview

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform revolutionizes the way individuals, businesses, and enterprises handle their digital needs. As the world's most comprehensive, scalable, and broadly adopted cloud platform, AWS provides over 175 fully-featured services from data centers across the globe. AWS Cloud empowers organizations with improved agility, lowered costs, and instant scalability. Whether you're an individual looking to innovate faster or a large corporation wanting to optimize operations, the AWS Cloud platform offers a suite of cloud-based products including computing power, storage options, networking, and databases, tailored per user needs. Learning the AWS Cloud's intricacies will position you at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution, enhancing your technical skills and opening avenues to new opportunities.

WEBVTT >> Welcome in, I'm your host Lauren Deal and I'll be your learner advocate as we go along. But I'm so excited to welcome Jill West to the show. How you doing Jill? I'm very good, especially to be working with you again Lauren. I love working with Jill and you're gonna have so much fun >> hanging out with Jill because she is an incredible educator, instructor, and so much more. In fact Jill, tell us a little bit about yourself. >> So I'm an instructor at a technical college in Georgia and then I also write books for Cengage. This is one of the more recent ones, CompTIA Cloud Plus. We're actually about to start the next edition of a couple of these. So I write the books and I do the teaching and then I do some speaking at conferences as well. My background is actually in psychology and education. So I come up with this with kind of that educational design, learning science background insights. And then I come into the IT a little bit later in my career and have that to offer as well. So kind of that intersection of all those areas. >> To me it's the best of all the worlds because she has the educator mindset. So she's teaching the learner as she would expect different learners to learn, which is great. We're gonna talk about that. And I'm a teacher of ten years and so I'll be learning along with you and asking the questions that you might be having as well. In fact, what are we gonna be covering in this? So this series of episodes right here, we're gonna look at >> how do we do cloud? How can we do it well? How can we reimagine the way that we do IT in order to fully take advantage of the cloud technologies that are available to us? And then how is this going to affect our bottom line? So we'll talk about the economics of it as well. >> And this is Intro to Cloud in AWS. So we're gonna be jumping in in that area. If we were thinking about who's watching at home, who might this appeal to? >> I really like this particular exam. They're targeting it to two very different audiences. We have business professionals on one side and we have tech experts on the other side. And normally these two audiences don't mix very often. So we're trying to build this bridge of communication between these two very different groups so that both of us can work together to make decisions, inform decisions for the organization. Make sure we're making the decisions that will most benefit the organization, our customers, our investors, all of those different people that we're trying to take care of. And so this is helping us to develop that language and develop the insights that we need in order to make these decisions. >> I'm excited to jump into this because Jill does a really unique format where she tests your knowledge and retention at the end of the episode. And so as a learner, you're gonna wanna pay attention to that. Anything else, Jill, that you're really excited about for this series? Yeah, I'm really excited about the different way we're approaching this, where we're taking advantage of some insights from learning science research and how the brain learns and how we can engage your brain differently to make this stick a little bit better. Well, I'm excited to stick with you, Jill, and I hope you stick with us as well. Let's jump into the first episode and get started.