SCS-C02: AWS Certified Security - Specialty

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  • Securing Hosts, Network, and the Edge in AWS
    • Course Overview
    • Introduction
    • Host Security Overview
    • Host Security Configurations
    • Host Security Services
    • Troubleshoot Host Security
    • Network Security Overview
    • Network Design for Security
    • Securing Segments
    • Traffic Monitoring
    • Securing Network Connections
    • Troubleshooting Network Security
    • Edge Security Overview
    • Edge Security Services
    • Using WAF
    • Troubleshooting Edge Security
  • Protecting Data with Encryption in AWS
    • Data Encryption Overview
    • Data Classification
    • Encrypting Data at Rest
    • Encrypting Data in Transit
    • Key Management Design
    • Evaluating Key Management
    • Troubleshooting Data Encryption
  • Implementing Logging, Monitoring & Alerting in AWS
    • Logging Overview
    • Logging System Design
    • Log Storage
    • Log Analysis
    • Troubleshooting Logs
    • Monitoring and Alerting Overview
    • Monitoring System Design
    • Monitoring Services
    • Custom Monitoring
    • Auditing
    • Troubleshooting Monitoring and Alerting
  • Managing Incident Response in AWS
    • Compliance and Incident Response Overview
    • Incident Response Planning
    • Automated Alerting
    • Incident Response Actions
  • Implementing IAM Security in AWS
    • IAM Overview
    • Organizational Account Design
    • Policy Types
    • Workload Access Control
    • Federation and SSO
    • Troubleshooting IAM
  • Securing AWS Services
    • Securing AWS Services Overview
    • Securing Compute Services
    • Securing Storage Services
    • Securing Database Services
    • Securing Code Development Services
  • Exam Objectives
    • Exam Objectives Overview
    • Study and Exam Strategies

Course Overview

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  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> Welcome and thanks so much for joining us for this overview for AWS Security Specialty. We've put together several different modules that you'll be able to watch through to kind of get familiar with some of the material that's gonna be on that exam. I'm gonna be your host through all of these modules. Sophie Goodwin, I've recently obtained my first cybersecurity certification, so I'm dipping my toe into cybersecurity. And you may have also seen me hosting other cybersecurity courses on the site, like Intro to AWS Cloud Pentesting. So I'll be asking questions you might have at home and acting as sort of a learner advocate for you. And Jill West, who is to my right, she's gonna be our subject matter expert for this course and teaching us everything we need to know. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jill. - >> I'm so excited about your certification. - Thank you. - I'm waiting to see what your next one's going to be. - No kidding. - So my name is Jill West. My background is actually in education. So I've taught everything from kindergarten all the way through higher ed and even different subjects all along the way, almost every subject except maybe foreign language in that course. I've taught in a lot of different learning environments and I've taught with a lot of different learning approaches and teaching approaches. I'm currently an instructor at a technical college in Georgia and about 12 years ago, I started making the transition into IT specifically as the content area that I would teach. I started writing Cengage books with Cengage the publisher, starting with the CompTIA A Plus course. I then changed over to CompTIA Network Plus. I still write that one for Cengage. And then we developed the CompTIA Cloud Plus course. So we had the first edition. We now have the second edition that's already out and then we're starting to talk about the third edition already. So it's just a really exciting time to be an instructor in IT for higher ed because there's so much that's changing so fast. So when we started learning IT as instructors, cloud wasn't a thing for most of us. So now we're trying to figure out and reinvent IT education as we figure out how to put cloud into everything. This is not the kind of thing that you would have someone just take a course in cloud. It's something that affects everything. Think about how cloud objectives are starting to appear in all of these different certifications. Look at the CompTIA certifications. A Plus is technically their intro to cloud level certification. We've got Network Plus and Security Plus all have cloud incorporated in them. You know, I've taken most of these certifications and I'm seeing the evolution of these certifications over time as they become more and more cloud focused. So it's just a really exciting time to be teaching in IT and higher ed specifically. We get to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, as we start to figure out how to teach IT in a whole different way. Yeah, absolutely. There's never a dull moment in IT and cybersecurity. It seems like there's always something new to learn. So if you are here getting ready to watch this course and work through these modules, likely you are hoping to take that exam, that AWS Security Specialty exam. >> So other than that, as far as experience level going into this, what is the target audience for this course? >> So AWS recommends that you have at least five years hands-on experience working with cybersecurity in the on-prem environment or in other cloud platforms. So this would be designing and implementing security solutions in any environment, but specifically with security. And then they recommend that you have at least two years hands-on experience of securing workloads in the cloud. So this would not be two years from the first time you got your first AWS account and started creating your first VM, your first EC2 instance. This is two years of actually securing workloads in the AWS environment. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you've had another certification, but they do recommend that maybe you've taken the solutions architect associate level certification or the professional level even. You don't have to have, that's not a requirement, but you would need that equivalent level of knowledge. So for somebody >> like me that's coming in, maybe not exactly looking to take the exam, but interested in the information that's here, I do have a little bit of background knowledge in cybersecurity and some of the concepts we cover in this course, like incident response. That applies to cybersecurity in general. It's not just a cloud thing, but I don't have a ton of background knowledge in AWS. Some may be familiar with some of the services, but not as they relate to cloud security. So coming into this, is there anything else that I should maybe brush up on before I go in and learn this material? - >> Yeah, that's a really good question. So what kinds of information do you need to have coming into this? I would say that you need to have at least the CompTIA trifecta, A plus network plus security plus, again, not necessarily having passed those, but equivalent knowledge to that information. And then probably some sort of cybersecurity certification beyond security plus. And at a CompTIA level, that would be Pintest plus or CYSA plus, and it could be another cybersecurity level certification. Something where you've dug beyond the surface level and started learning the underlying best practices and the principles that we keep in mind whenever we're handling security. And you really could come at this from either direction. Maybe you have cybersecurity background and you need to get the AWS security piece. Or maybe you have AWS background and then you need to start filling in the cybersecurity pieces. So if this is something that you mentioned before we started recording, that really it could come from either direction, that you have some experience in one of these areas and then you start bringing it in to that meeting point in the middle with AWS security specifically. Now this would definitely be for somebody with some sort of technical background. This is not something like the cloud practitioner would be appropriate either for a technical background or a business background. And it's kind of the meeting point with those two audiences, >> but this one is very technical in nature. - Okay, and clearly very security focused because it's in the name, right? And as we go through these episodes, we're going to be touching on the objectives that we'll cover in each episode or what the material relates to that's going to be on that exam. We'll go through some of that information. We'll be able to look at a little bit of a demo in the console. And then we will have some practice exam questions for you to try your hand and you'll get to watch me struggle through them as well. So it'll be quite entertaining and we'll see if by the end of the course, if I've learned a lot, which hopefully I have. So I think that's going to do it for this overview. Thank you for walking us through, giving us an idea of what we can expect. And thank you for joining us for the overview to AWS security specialty that is SCS C02. - C02, the newest one that just came out. - It is the newest one. We are on top of things. We're at the forefront of this. So thanks for joining us for this overview and we look forward to seeing you in this course.