Getting Your Data Into Splunk Effortlessly

1 H 54 M

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  • Indexing Fundamentals
    • Overview
    • The Indexing Process Detailed
    • Basic Settings for a Data Input
    • Types of Splunk Forwarders
  • Inputs
    • Monitored Inputs
    • Network and Scripted Inputs
    • Agentless Inputs
  • Advanced Topics
    • Fine Tuning Inputs
    • Deploy a Splunk Universal Forwarder
    • Using Forwarder Management
    • Configuring Distributed Search


1 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> My name is Anthony stood for and I am thrilled that you're line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>joining me for this slump. A vent here, it pro complements line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>of ACI Learning in this course, Laura and I are going to walk line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>you through it. Vance, administrative tasks that you line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>may be called upon to perform in your Swonk in Airmont line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>specifically. We'll take a look at manipulating the data before line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>it goes into that read only splunk index. We might want to line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>do this. If we have to mask information like account line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>numbers or credit card now that we might not be able to legally line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>store inside of the index going to be an exciting course. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>I'm thrilled you're here and please join me in the next line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>video

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