Survey of Data Science

Survey of Data Science8 H 42 M

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  • What is Data Science
    • Overview
    • Data Science Activities
    • Data Hygiene
  • Exploratory Data Science
    • The Foundations of Data Exploration
    • Statistics of Data
    • Visualization of Data
    • Selection of Data Factors
  • Unstructured Data
    • Structure is Important
    • Storage of Unstructured Data
    • Find Results in Unstructured Data
    • Compare Unstructured Data
  • Associative Rules
    • Measuring Association
    • Quality of Rules
  • Decision Trees
    • Classifying Data
    • Basic Decision Trees
    • Decision Tree Variations
  • Linear Regression
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Quality of Linear Models
  • Logistic Regression
    • A First Logistic Regression
    • Evaluating Logistic Regression Models
  • Neural Networks
    • Neural Network Foundations
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Text Representation
    • The Skip-Gram Algorithm
  • The Lambda Architecture
    • The Lambda Architecture
    • Kafka Basics
    • The Batch Layer
    • The Speed Layer
    • The Serving Layer
  • Data Science Roles
    • The Data Science Team
    • Data Wrangler
    • Data Engineer
    • Quantitative Analyst
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Framework Administrator
    • Business Analyst


8 M

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  • Episode Description

What kind of activities do data scientists do? What roles are there are what skills do they require? This overview gives you a high level introduction to the topics we shall cover in the episodes that comprise this course.