Meeting Starters

Meeting Starters 57 M

In this course, one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America, John Spence, shares highly-effective meeting starter strategies for business leaders.

  • Meeting Starters
    • Introduction to Meeting Starters
    • How to Build and Sustain a High Performance Team
    • Key Characteristics of a Highly Effective Leader
    • The Formula for Business Excellence
    • Moments of Truth

Introduction to Meeting Starters

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A very brief video that will help you decide if this series is a good investment of your time.

John Spence, trusted consultant, respected advisor, experienced strategist, passionate speaker, well-read author, a top 100 business though leader, helping executives achieve most success everyday. >> I'd like take about two minutes and give you a quick overview of this program to help you make a good decision about whether it would be the right investment for your organization. These videos are based on four programs I've taught for companies around the world. Advanced leadership, high-performance teams, my formula for business excellence and a big high-tier called moments of truth. Each of the videos is designed to be used at a weekly, monthly, quarterly meeting to deliver some solid training, great ideas, that your people can go back and implement right away to have a significant positive impact on your business. These workshops are information intensive, highly interactive, fast paced. It's gonna get your people engaged, discussing things. Not just sit and watching a video, but get them hands on, not only thinking about these great ideas, but figuring out how they can apply them in your organization. I hope this helped you decide if this would be a good investment for your company. [MUSIC]

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