People Skills for IT Professionals

People Skills for IT Professionals2 H 16 M

  • People Skills
    • Overview
    • Soft Skills in Communications
    • Improve Communications-Voice
    • Using Emotions in Communications
    • From Nervous to Confident
    • Connecting with Others
    • Workplace Communication Skills
    • Communication Mistakes
    • Body Language
    • What to Avoid in Public Speaking
    • Transferring an Idea to Your Audience
    • How to Hook Your Audience
    • Reacting and Responding in Communications
    • Empathy and Bonding
    • Acting Techniques in Communications
    • Soft Skills are People Skills


3 M

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  • Episode Description

In this overview we will learn how People Skills for IT Pros will help us in general communications & other social skills, to be more successful at work, home, and social environments.

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