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Get on-track to improving your professional growth with hands-on tips on self-management, interviewing, lean strategic planning, lean negotiations and more.

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  • Professional Growth
    • Overview
    • Self Management
    • Self Management Part 2
    • Interviewing
    • Interviewing Part 2
    • Interviewing Part 3
    • Lean Meetings
    • Lean Strategic Planning
    • Your First 45 Days
    • Your First 45 Days Part 2
    • Your First 45 Days Part 3
    • Lean Negotiations
    • Lean Negotiations Part 2


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In this overview Cherokee introduces Dr. Terra Vanzant Stern. Dr.Stern explains how she has developed this curriculum to share years of successful experience to help improve your professional growth. Self-management, interviewing skills, lean meetings, lean strategic planning, lean negotiations and what to expect within the first 45 days of employment are introduced as episode topics.

[MUSIC] Hi it's Cherokee Boose from BIZPRO.TV. I'm here to introduce a new topic here called, personal growth. The series is going to be shot, and delivered by Doctor Davisson Stern from SSD Global Solution. Doctor Stern can you tell us a little bit about what we should expect to see here? >> Absolutely Cherokee, first I wanna start by saying that typically I teach a business program called Lean Six Sigma. And the other program that we typically teach at SSD Global Solutions is called Lean and Agile Project Management. Now both of those are business programs, but I came from a very extensive executive level HR background. And as I was teaching these various business programs, I realized that a lot of tools that we taught could be applied to topics that are covered in this professional growth series. Such as self management, interviewing skills, your first 45 days at work, how to negotiate and how to do lean strategic planning. So one of the things that you'll notice in this series, is many of the topics are preceded by the the word is lean, lean negotiation, lean strategy that type of thing. Lean means typically, lean six sigma takes an existing process and it makes that process better, faster, more cost effective. So for example, when you are listening to lean strategy, its a lean strategic planning rather, it is going to be a leaner way to do strategic planning. When you're watching the series on lean negotiation, that's gonna be a leaner, easier way to make negotiations better, faster, more cost effective. [MUSIC]