Professional Growth

6 H 10 M

Get on-track to improving your professional growth with hands-on tips on self-management, interviewing, lean strategic planning, lean negotiations and more.

  • Professional Growth
    • Overview
    • Self Management
    • Self Management Part 2
    • Interviewing
    • Interviewing Part 2
    • Interviewing Part 3
    • Lean Meetings
    • Lean Strategic Planning
    • Your First 45 Days
    • Your First 45 Days Part 2
    • Your First 45 Days Part 3
    • Lean Negotiations
    • Lean Negotiations Part 2


1 M

  • Episode Description

In this overview Cherokee introduces Dr. Terra Vanzant Stern. Dr.Stern explains how she has developed this curriculum to share years of successful experience to help improve your professional growth. Self-management, interviewing skills, lean meetings, lean strategic planning, lean negotiations and what to expect within the first 45 days of employment are introduced as episode topics.

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