Cisco CCNP Security SCOR (Exam 350-701)

SCOR (Exam 350-701)16 H 50 M

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Security Concepts
    • Threats, Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Mitigations
    • Common Threats to On-Prem
    • Common Threats in the Cloud
    • Common Security Vulnerabilities
    • Some Attack Mitigations
    • Introduction to Cryptography
    • Modern Cryptographic Solutions
    • Fundamentals of PKI
    • Using the PKI
    • IKE v1 vs IKE v2
    • VPN Options
    • Security Intelligence Auth, Sharing, Consumption
    • Endpoint Protections Social Engineering Attacks
    • Types of Social Engineering Attacks
    • Northbound and Southbound APIs of SDN
    • Python Scripts for Security Appliance API Calls
  • Network Security
    • Intrusion Prevention versus Firewalling
    • Deployment Models for Network Security
    • NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow
    • Network Segmentation
    • DHCP Snooping
    • DAI and IP Source Guard
    • Private VLANs
    • Storm Control
    • Port Security and VLAN Hopping Attacks
    • Hardening the Network Infrastructure
    • Access Control Policies
    • Management Options for Security Solutions
    • Configure AAA for Device and Network Access
    • Configure Secure Network Management
    • Configure and Verify the Site-to-Site VPN
    • Configure and Verify the Remote Access VPN
    • Debugging and Showing IPsec Verifications
  • Securing the Cloud
    • Cloud Deployment and Service Models
    • Security Responsibilities in the Cloud
    • Miscellaneous Cloud Security Topics
  • Content Security
    • Introducing Cisco Firepower Devices
    • Traffic Redirection and Capture Methods
    • Web Proxy Identity and Authentication
    • Compare ESA, CES, WSA
    • The WSA and ESA Architectures
    • Configure and Verify the WSA
    • Configure and Verify the ESA
    • Describe the Cisco Umbrella Solution
    • Configure and Verify Cisco Umbrella
  • Endpoint Protection and Detection
    • EPP versus EDR and Cisco AMP
    • Miscellaneous Endpoint Security
    • Outbreak Control
    • Describe MDM
    • Describe an MFA Strategy
    • Endpoint Posture Assessment Solutions
    • Explain an Endpoint Patching Strategy
  • Secure Network Access
    • Guest Services and BYOD
    • Configure and Verify 802.1X, MAB, and WebAuth
    • Network Access with CoA
    • Device Compliance and Application Control
    • Explain Exfiltration Techniques
    • Benefits of Network Telemetry
    • Describe Various Cisco Security Products

Course Overview

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  • Transcript

What is the SCOR course all about? Why it is important? What are the specific topics you will learn in this course? Find out all these answers and more in this course overview episode.

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] Welcome to the overview of our Cisco CCNP score show, and here of course as we actually get started is gonna be well, Anthony Sequeira and myself. So Anthony as we get started here, go ahead and tell us a little bit about your particular experience and why you're actually kind of doing the show for us. >> Yeah, so I've really been passionate about cybersecurity for a long time Ronnie, watching it decade after decade really evolve watching new threats and new vulnerabilities appear and new mitigation techniques. So I've been really excited about getting this started, not that it wasn't awesome teaching all of the great CCNP enterprise material with you, but I've just been so waiting for this day where we can launch into a really detailed discussion of cybersecurity, with a Cisco bias. >> Yeah, now I myself I'm gonna kind of be taking on the role of the learner here. I do have a CCNA and security or I had one in security, and also ended up teaching the CCNA cyber ops course right here at ITProTV. So both of those are under my belt as well as a bit of a security background, which is not as strong as it used to be, as we've been going forward. So this actually gives me a chance to actually be able to learn a little bit more, a little bit more in depth, and mostly, of course, about the idea of how Cisco is actually gonna be presenting that too. All right, Anthony so if somebody is watching us right now, and they're saying, well, what am I really gonna get out of this course. Anthony, what are we gonna get out of this? Yeah, we're gonna really be making sure that our students are ready to put these concepts into action. So we're really gonna be focusing on security concepts, network security, securing the cloud hugely important, content Security, Endpoint Protection and Detection, and, we're really going to make sure that we can have great visibility into the network and be able to dynamically enforce policies. So Ronnie, our emphasis as we go through this material will be ensuring that students can actually put this into practice, and we're gonna let the exam be kind of a byproduct of that. So we will have students ready for this certification exam, if they follow the step by step guidance we give them, but that's really not our primary focus. We wanna make sure, that students come away with this with measurable results as far as what they can accomplish inside of their enterprise, their small office, home office, their branch office, wherever they need to secure the network and the equipment in the network. >> All right Anthony now you kind of showed us a basic overview there of what we're gonna be covering, is that gonna be the structure that we're gonna follow or is there a lot of rearrangement in comparison to let's say, the exam blueprint itself? >> Yeah, it was really neat to see this blueprint because it was well thought through, I thought it was a very, very great layout and overall design for how we're gonna go through this material. So there are six major domains that I went ahead and showed everyone there, and we will follow that order from Cisco on those six domains so we get started with that videos that are just about overall security concepts. And for those of you like Ronnie that are CCNA security folks and in fact, as Ronnie indicated he went above and beyond that, he's also a CCNA cyber Ops, you're gonna feel right at home in these first couple of sections. There'll be a lot of material that's review for you, but I don't know how you feel about review folks, but, I love doing it. I don't think I ever skip reviews unless it's something like I'm going to see like the A+ exam or something like that where the review really would be a waste of my time but, I hope you'll enjoy all of the sections of this course. But as always we'll be very clear in the episode descriptions of exactly what we're covering, so that if needed, you can select from our videos very precisely. >> Now Anthony can you tell us a little bit more maybe about the preparation for the exam itself, such as cost, and details and where I can take it? >> Sure, Ronnie, I kept meaning to ask you this, it seems like there's been a substantial increase in the exam costs. >> Right. >> Am I right? I mean, >> Yeah its- >> I went to register for this one and it was $400 US, that's like, at least $100 more than it used to be right? I mean,- >> As far as I can remember yes. >> Yeah it's like gosh, I remember taking the old router exam and I swear, it was like $150, but anyways, yeah, just be sure you're aware of the rising costs in exam fees from Cisco, check that out. This is a two hour exam, they're really focusing on better questions overall, I would say, so we'll get into much more detail in the certification exam and how you can prep for it as you go. But just at the outset here, I would really recommend that you watch episodes where we really get into some detailed configurations and detailed discussions, or even our episodes on theory that are super important, just be ready to watch those a couple of times. And also I wanna call out the learner resources that are located below the video on our main website. Those leaner resources are going to be chock full of certification prep materials that I'm putting in there to assist you. >> All right Anthony, now along with that, is there any one particular area that you're really excited about demonstrating for us? >> Yeah, I'm super excited for us to get hands on practice together in this event, so we'll be spinning up the latest, greatest, Cisco firepower security devices, and we'll be seeing great configurations on that equipment and that always gets me super excited to see the latest technology, live in class. >> Yeah, Anthony I believe the same thing and comparison to maybe like the older CCNA that really concentrated in on iOS security and the basics of the ASA firewall security. This one seems to be updated because of the introduction of the cloud environment that you're talking about, and a lot newer technologies. Well, Anthony thank you again for actually joining us as we continue on here. But if you are actually ready to get started in Cisco score, all you have to actually do is click on the very next video Signing off for ITProTV, I'm your host, Ronnie Wong. >> And I'm Anthony Sequeira. >> That's right, all you have to do is go ahead to the very next video. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV. [MUSIC]