CertNexus Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (ITP-110)

CIoTP (ITP-110)4 H 26 M

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  • Impact of IoT
    • Overview
    • Common IoT Terms
    • Benefits of IoT
    • Challenges of IoT
  • IoT Ecosystems
    • Physical Components of IoT and Edge Computing
    • Network Components of IoT and Edge Computing
    • Components of Cloud Computing
    • IoT Market Sectors
  • Security, Privacy, and Safety
    • IoT Security and Privacy Concerns
    • IoT Security and Privacy Countermeasures
    • IoT Safety Concerns
    • IoT Safety Risk Management Approaches
  • The IoT System Development Life Cycle
    • Phases of the IoT Software Development Life Cycle
    • Initiate the Project
    • Plan the Project
    • Analyze and Gather Requirements
    • Design a Solution
    • Develop: Environment Setup
    • Develop: Constructing the System
    • Develop: Programming the System
    • Integrate and Test the Solution
    • Implement, Operate and Maintain


2 M

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  • Episode Description

The CertNexus Certified Internet of Things Practitioner examination will prepare an individual with the skills necessary to evaluate, design, and create an internet of things solution. You will learn the overarching businesses that are available for developing internet of things technologies. Moreover, you will develop the steps that take an idea and develop a solution from the ground up.

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