CertNexus Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (ITP-110)

CIoTP (ITP-110)4 H 26 M

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  • Impact of IoT
    • Overview
    • Common IoT Terms
    • Benefits of IoT
    • Challenges of IoT
  • IoT Ecosystems
    • Physical Components of IoT and Edge Computing
    • Network Components of IoT and Edge Computing
    • Components of Cloud Computing
    • IoT Market Sectors
  • Security, Privacy, and Safety
    • IoT Security and Privacy Concerns
    • IoT Security and Privacy Countermeasures
    • IoT Safety Concerns
    • IoT Safety Risk Management Approaches
  • The IoT System Development Life Cycle
    • Phases of the IoT Software Development Life Cycle
    • Initiate the Project
    • Plan the Project
    • Analyze and Gather Requirements
    • Design a Solution
    • Develop: Environment Setup
    • Develop: Constructing the System
    • Develop: Programming the System
    • Integrate and Test the Solution
    • Implement, Operate and Maintain


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The CertNexus Certified Internet of Things Practitioner examination will prepare an individual with the skills necessary to evaluate, design, and create an internet of things solution. You will learn the overarching businesses that are available for developing internet of things technologies. Moreover, you will develop the steps that take an idea and develop a solution from the ground up.

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] >> Hello, and thank you for watching ITProTV. We're talking about the course, Certified Internet of Things Practitioner with Justin Dennison. Justin, good to see you, and can you tell us what this course is all about? >> So the course is to provide a foundational knowledge of IoT devices, and how they're applied to either personal or businesses requirements, right? This could be manufacturing, agricultural, so on and so forth. The ultimately goal is to provide you with enough of this foundation, and a little practical skills necessary to deploy a very simple, or a first approximate of an IoT solution. Now, part of that is going to be up to you to fill in the blanks. >> Awesome, well, who's this show targeted towards? >> This show is targeted toward anybody who's interested in knowing a little more about IoT, and how those apply to either personal or business kind of environments. Or those of you who are like, I know a little bit about IoT, but I got some sporadic understanding. Let me make sure I have a more fulfilled understanding of IoT. And between those two audiences, we should be covering all our bases. >> Fantastic, now, is there a certification available for the course? >> The certification, there is a certification. It is provided by the CertNexus Governing Body, and the exam code is ITP-110. The exam has multiple choice and multi-select questions. You're not gonna have access to a device, you're not gonna be actually building things. So do know, it's about that foundational knowledge that you're going to understand and kind of apply in a practical setting, but you have to have it in order to do so. >> So what topics will be covered in the individual episodes, Justin? >> So we're gonna be talking about, what is the Internet of Things, and what are things, right? We gotta start there, we gotta start with the foundation. How are those tied to cloud infrastructure? How can Internet of Things be applied to a variety of businesses, whether it be agriculture, manufacturing, so on and so forth? And then we're gonna dive a little bit deeper and see the individual components of an IoT solution, such as sensors, actuators, input/output devices, and additional components. And then how that turns into an IoT solution that we develop and deploy over the long-term, using a development life cycle methodology. >> Thank you very much, Justin. Now, if Certified Internet of Things Practitioner sounds like a series or a course you'd be interested in, and you should be, make sure you watch all the episodes in our course library. Thanks for watching ITProTV, remember, watch and learn. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV. [MUSIC]