Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENARSI (Exam 300-410)

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services14 H 39 M

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  • Layer 3 Technologies
    • Course Overview
    • Troubleshooting Admin Distance (AD)
    • Troubleshooting Route Maps
    • Troubleshooting Loop Prevention
    • Troubleshooting Routing Protocol Redistribution
    • Advanced Routing Protocol Redistribution
    • Route Tagging and Filtering
    • Troubleshooting Summarization
    • Configure and Verify Policy Based Routing
    • Configure and Verify VRF Lite
    • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
    • BFD Prerequisites
    • EIGRP Primer: EIGRP Basics
    • EIGRP Primer: Metrics and DUAL
    • EIGRP Primer: Feasibility and Load Balancing
    • EIGRP Named and Classic Modes
    • EIGRP Path Manipulation and Load Balancing
    • EIGRP Stub
    • OSPF Primer: OSPF Basics
    • OSPF Primer: DRs and BDRs
    • OSPF Primer: Metrics
    • OSPF Primer: Virtual Links and Default Routes
    • OSPF Address Families
    • OSPF Authentication
    • OSPF Network Types
    • OSPF Router Types
    • OSPF Area Types
    • OSPF Path Preference
    • BGP Primer: BGP Basics
    • BGP Primer: BGP Peerings and Route Advertisements
    • BGP Address Families
    • BGP Peer Troubleshooting
    • BGP AS Numbers
    • BGP Neighbor States
    • BGP Synchronization and Operation
    • BGP Peer Groups
    • BGP Route Refresh
    • BGP Timers
    • BGP Path Attributes
    • BGP Best Path Algorithm
    • BGP Route Reflectors
    • BGP Routing Policies
  • VPN Technologies
    • MPLS Basic Operations
    • MPLS L3 VPNs
    • DMVPN Overview
    • Configuring the DMVPN
  • Infrastructure Security
    • Troubleshooting AAA
    • Troubleshooting ACLs and uRPF
    • Troubleshooting CoPP
    • IPv6 First Hop Security
  • Infrastructure Services
    • Troubleshooting Device Management
    • Troubleshoot SNMP
    • Troubleshooting with Syslog
    • Troubleshooting DHCP
    • Troubleshooting with IP SLA
    • Troubleshoot NetFlow
    • Troubleshooting with Cisco DNA Center

Course Overview

7 M

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  • Transcript

What is the focus of ENARSI? What will you learn? How can you get the most out of this show? Find out the answers to these questions (and more) in this overview for the course.

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] >> All right, welcome to the Cisco ENARSI show. We're about to get started. And we wanna make sure that as we get started here that you actually get to know us as well. So Anthony Sequeira is gonna be our lead SME in this show. Anthony, tell us a little bit about yourself as we actually get started here. >> Well, Ronnie, I've been dealing with teaching Cisco certification for decades. And I am super, super excited about this particular little entry in the CCNP Enterprise lineup. When Ronnie and I were looking at the electives, if you will, those concentration exams, we both immediately went, oop, ENARSI, that's gonna be a big hit. And it has this great focus, of course, on the routing protocols. And as I stated for decades, I've been working with those routing protocols, both from a consulting standpoint. But more importantly to me, teaching folks all over the world about topics like OSPF and BGP and EIGRP and many of the layer 3 technologies that we're gonna look at together in this ENARSI course. >> Yes, and as for myself, I've also been teaching Cisco for quite a bit of time, not as long as Anthony has, but I have actually been probably about 10 to 15 years. And I've had a real interest, not only in teaching it, but also, of course, in gaining my certifications as well. So I've actually gained a few of those along the path. And I am here to help actually and facilitate the show with Anthony as well. And hopefully together, I'll actually be able to, not only ask questions as I need to, but also, of course, help you to understand a little bit better as well on some of the different topics, too. So, Anthony, when it comes down to our show that we're about to do, okay, what is it that we're hoping that the viewers, okay, our members are actually gonna get from our show? >> Yeah, one of the things that we're gonna do, Ronnie, is we're gonna set them up for success in whatever Cisco discipline they end up going on to study. So what I'm so excited about with ENARSI is not just the fact that we're gonna be able to teach the configuration and verification and troubleshooting of some of our all-time favorite protocols. But I'm also excited that we're gonna be setting our students up so that they really know how to study from a hands-on perspective, no matter what they're studying in the Cisco arena. They're gonna understand ways in which they can get the hands-on experience. Because one of the things that we find is your knowledge of advanced routing protocol, like OSPF, for example. Your knowledge really begins to strengthen and really get to a deeper level when you can build labs and you can do verifications and things like Ronnie and I will teach you throughout the ENARSI episodes. >> All right, now, Anthony, as well as we start thinking about the breakdown of our course, how are we gonna lay this course out? Is there anything special that we're gonna do different from what we normally would do, which is follow the exam objectives? >> Yeah, we got lucky really, again, here in that Ronnie and I were looking at the objectives, the official objectives from Cisco for ENARSI. And we've said, this makes a lot of sense. Let's do it the way they laid it out. We begin by taking a look at generic, if you will, features that would apply to any routing protocol environment that you're working with, things like administrative distance and route maps. These topics are relevant for all of your routing protocols, and that's how we start with those routing protocol independent. That's the official language, the routing protocol independent features. And then we'll dive in and get specific on layer 3 features. And we'll cover VPNs and we'll cover security and we'll cover services, just as Cisco laid out for us in their official objectives. >> Now, Anthony, as someone that may be watching this to see if they actually have an interest in it, one thing that they may be also thinking about is, do I have the actual prerequisite skills? So is there any particular skill level that they need to bring to this already have underneath their belt before they start? >> Yes, that's a great, great question. I would have our students look at the objectives for the new CCNA. And if you have that level of knowledge, I don't care if you possess the CCNA certificate or not. I just care that you take a look at those objectives and realize those objectives in the new CCNA. That really is what Ronnie and I would hope that you'll come to the event with. But, look, if you need refreshers or if you even need the foundational training in those topics, we can certainly help you. We have that great forum where you can post your needs of us, and we will make sure you have the resources that you need to get up to speed. In fact, one of the things that Ronnie and I are super excited about with ENARSI here that is pretty unique in the whole industry is that Ronnie made sure to record some episodes that are primers in some of our very complicated, very deep topics. For example, Ronnie gives us some great primer material on OSPF, if we haven't worked with OSPF in a while and we need that refresher. >> All right, Anthony, now what makes you super excited about this course? I know, at least for me, getting to jump back in and actually learning deeper troubleshooting methods is probably what I'm really interested most. So, Anthony, what about you? What is it that makes you excited about this course? >> I gotta say that one of my most exciting points in this course is definitely the BGP material. When I was just learning BGP decades ago, I really struggled with it. And I was just like, my gosh, you talk about troubleshooting. It seems like I have to do BGP troubleshooting every time I try and do something. It was inevitable that every time I tried to make some configuration that I'd heard about, it wouldn't work. So I have now come to love Border Gateway Protocol. It's one of my favorite topics to teach. And I'm super excited that we get to deep dive into BGP and we get to show the students at the command line the exact types of issues that you can and will run up against with Border Gateway Protocol. >> All right, well, you heard it right here. And if you are ready to get started in Cisco ENARSI, and also, of course, towards earning your CCNP Enterprise, well, you've got to the right place and with the right SME in hand as well. So make sure you stay tuned for the very next episode as we get started right here. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV. [MUSIC]