Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR (350-401)

Professional Cisco Enterprise Technology Skills16 H 9 M

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  • Architecture
    • Overview
    • Course Topics
    • Enterprise Network Design
    • High Availability Techniques
    • Designing WLAN Deployment
    • On-prem vs. Cloud Deployment
    • Describe SD-WAN
    • Describe SD-Access
    • Describe QoS
    • Describe QoS Part 2
    • Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Virtualization
    • Device Virtualization Technologies
    • Path Virtualization Technologies
    • Path Virtualization Tech - GRE
    • Path Virtualization Tech - IPsec
    • Troubleshooting Path Virtualization
    • LISP
    • LISP Architecture Components
    • VXLAN
  • Infrastructure
    • VTP
    • Troubleshooting 802.1Q
    • Troubleshoot EtherChannel
    • RSTP
    • MST
    • Compare Routing Concepts
    • OSPF LSAs
    • OSPF Areas
    • Other OSPF Features
    • Troubleshooting OSPF
    • Configure eBGP Peerings
    • BGP Neighbor States
    • Advertising Prefixes in BGP
    • The BGP Best Path Selection Algorithm
    • eBGP Review
    • WLAN Layer 1 Concepts
    • WLAN AP Concepts
    • Wireless Roaming
    • Troubleshooting Wireless
    • NTP
    • NAT/PAT
    • FHRP
    • Multicast
  • Network Assurance
    • Classic Troubleshooting Tools
    • Syslog and NetFlow
    • IP SLA
    • Cisco DNA Center
  • Security
    • Device Access Control
    • ACLs and CoPP
    • REST API Security
    • Wireless Security Features
    • New Network Security Features
    • TrustSec, MACsec, and NAC
  • Automation
    • Python, JSON, and YANG
    • EEM
    • Orchestration Tools


5 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

ITProTV’s Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR (350-401) will help you to learn and prepare for the associated exam—Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0 (ENCOR 350-401). This exam is the core exam for both the CCNP Enterprise and CCIE Enterprise certifications. In the show, you learn every topic covered in the official exam blueprint from Cisco. These areas include Architecture, Virtualization, Infrastructure, Network Assurance, Security and Automation. Though the show is exam oriented, the ultimate outcome of the show will be to fill you with the core knowledge and skillset you need to be successful in implementing cisco technologies while working in an Enterprise Network Environment. The show will be lead by Anthony Sequeira (CCIE #15626) and Ronnie Wong.

You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] >> All right, welcome to the Cisco CCNP Enterprise OnCore show for exam 350- 401. We are here of course to get us started. So I'm Ronnie Wong. I'm one the hostess right here at ITProTV, and I've got plenty of experience in classroom teaching especially in the realm of Cisco. So I've been doing that for quite a long time. It says almost close to 20 years at this point, Anthony as we get started. So I've earned several certifications in Cisco, and I'm pleased to be here essentially as a learner as well as a host for our subject matter expert as well. So, Anthony, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself to us. Sounds great, Ronnie. I love that you and I are teaching together. We're kinda fans of each other, we discovered before the show. So I've been watching Ronnie's content here at ITProTV, and apparently Ronnie read a book or two of mine on Cisco networking. So that's so cool. So yeah, I like you have been in the Cisco world for decades, and it's so great to see the evolution of Cisco networking, and how they will kind of change directions. And we're certainly at one of those times, Ronnie, not only did they change directions as far as where they're emphasizing in technology, but with their certification program. They've definitely made some big changes, and Ronnie and I have been really excited for this course OnCore. That's for sure because it's a key part, a really key part of their new certification approach. >> So, Anthony, what is the benefit of someone taking this and what's your experience gonna bring to this? >> Yeah, great question. We're gonna cover a lot of content over six major areas of enterprise infrastructure and networking. But if I were to boil it all down Ronnie, what is the big deal when it comes to OnCore? I would say the big deal is a deep dive that Ronnie and I are gonna do for you in some areas that I find students just aren't getting. And one of the reasons they struggle in these areas, it is relatively new technology. When we talked things like Software-Defined Access and Software-Defined WAN and Trust Sack and all these new security and infrastructure technologies. A lot of the times we read about these things or hear about these things and it's a lot of marketing speak. It's a lot of big fancy words, and you're scratching your head going, okay, I've watched three marketing related videos on SD-WAN, and I still don't get it. So what I am most excited for for our students is for you and I to break these technologies down, make them very simple and for the learner to really come away knowing these cutting-edge technologies. And perhaps even more important, Ronnie, why these technologies were invented. What issues do they solve? >> And there's no doubt that there's a lot of this that we actually do have a challenge in front of us because it is a brand new certification. And so we want to make sure that we meet those challenges as we continue to move forward. Now Anthony in terms of the structure of our course, are we actually doing anything super exciting or neat that you want to get into? >> Yeah, one of the things that Ronnie and I decided to do that I just love is whenever possible we are going to demonstrate what we are discussing, whenever possible. So even in some of the design areas where you traditionally don't see demonstrations done, Ronnie and I are going to demonstrate these technologies for you so that you can really appreciate the importance of design. One of the topics that will do early on is the first top Reachability Protocols or HSRP, VRRP, GLBP. Sounds like I'm making these acronyms up as I go. But, so we're gonna look at these first top Reachability Protocols. And yeah, we're gonna get in there and demonstrate these technologies so that the key design elements make more sense. >> All right now, I think we do have to spend a little bit of time also talking about the certification itself. And again, the idea of where people go. So remember that if you are signing up for certification, you do want to go to a Pearson VUE testing center. Now, you'll have to register online first, you'll get an account and then head towards Cisco Systems. And from there you'll pick out that particular exam course, make sure you remember the number that 350-401 for Cisco exams. And that will get you into the place where you'll be able to register and then to find the nearest testing center near you. But make sure you check that out if that is your goal. Ultimately that CCNP certification. This's kind of the first half of low actually we'll be having here. So when we think about that certification detail, anything else you want to add in there? >> No other than, I'm so glad you brought that up about the number. I don't know about you Ronnie, but I will forever simply call this OnCore. >> Right. >> And then I always have to look up the number to make sure I have it right for exam registration and then I forget the number again. So yeah, do make sure you are signing up for the correct exam. There's a whole lot of Cisco exams that you could sign up for. You don't want it to be the wrong one. >> All right, so if you are actually as excited as Anthony about getting started here in our Cisco OnCore show, believe or not it's just one click away in the next episode. So signing off for ITProTV, I'm Ronnie Wong. >> And I'm Anthony Sequeira. >> See you next time. >> Thank you for watching ITProTV.