Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420)

ENSLD (300-420)5 H 40 M

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Advanced Addressing and Routing Solutions
    • Design IPv4 Addressing Plans
    • Design IPv6 Addressing Plans
    • IS-IS Routing Designs
    • EIGRP Routing Designs
    • OSPF Routing Designs
    • BGP Address Families
    • BGP Route Filtering Techniques
    • BGP Attributes for Path Preference
    • BGP Route Reflectors
    • BGP Load Sharing
    • IPv6 Migration Designs
  • Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks
    • Design for High Availability
    • BFD
    • Design Layer 2 Infrastructures
    • SD Access Underlay and Overlay
    • SD-Access Design Best Practices
  • WAN for Enterprise Networks
    • Compare WAN Connectivity Options
    • Site-to-Site VPN Designs
    • Designing HA WANs
    • The SD-WAN Architecture
    • SD-WAN Design Best Practices
  • Network Services
    • QoS Strategies
    • End-to-End QoS Design
    • Designing Network Management
    • Describe Multicast Routing Concepts
    • Design Multicast Services
  • Automation
    • Choosing the Correct YANG Model
    • Model-Driven Telemetry

Course Overview

4 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

In this episode, you learn what this course in Cisco Enterprise design will cover. The course consists of 5 exciting domains!

You're watching IT from TV. [MUSIC] Hi there. My name is Anthony Sequeira. And I want to welcome you to designing Cisco Enterprise Networks here at IT Pro TV. In this course we are going to be going through five main areas regarding Enterprise Network design. These areas are critical today more than ever for us to discuss in great detail. The first area that we're going to be looking at is Advanced Addressing and Routing. Notice the word Advanced here. So we're going to be looking at the very best most scalable approaches to IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and then on the subject of routing we'll be looking at only the most advanced and scalable routing protocols. So if you are interested in rip, sorry rest in peace rip, we'll be looking at things like EIGRP and OSPF and ISIS which is making a huge comeback and I'll explain all of that in that section. We'll be looking at BGP of course. We then turn our attention in the second section to Advanced Campus Networks. So we're going to be looking at all of those wonderful issues that go into making layer2 inside a campus scalable. We'll look at layer 2 high availability features and probably the most exciting section here is going to be where we look at the SD and the software-defined networking solutions from Cisco Systems. Particularly in the area of software defined access, known as SD access. Many of my students at IT Pro TV, are like what is all this SD when an SD access stuff and here in our design course, we're going to go deep into that area. The third overall section of our course is going to be on the Wide Area Network. Here we'll look at things like site-to-site VPN options. And as you might guess we're going to be taking a very detailed look at how we would design a software-defined WAN or SD WAN environment. You can't have a successful Enterprise Network without a good dose of network services. So in our fourth section of this show, we're going to look at things like quality of service. How can we design excellent quality of service into the environment and how can we make sure that network management traffic, which is inevitable, how can we make sure that that is done in the most optimal manner possible? Finally we wrap it all up with Section 5 and this is an area that is just huge and getting huger. Yeah, that's a word. It's big and getting bigger all the time. And that is automation. Every time we turn around now, we're wanting to design more and more automation into our Enterprise campuses, into our WANs, into every element, the data center, everywhere we want to automate. I think one of the reasons this is is because we have so much automation in the public clouds we love to take advantage of. So we're hooked on the automation inside AWS and Azure and Google Cloud platform. Well, we'll see how we can design automation right into our Enterprise infrastructure. I am so thrilled that you've chosen IT Pro TV and my version of Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks. This is going to be an awesome show and I'm glad you're here with me. >> Thank you for watching. IT Pro TV. [MUSIC]

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