Cisco CCNP Security SNCF (Exam 300-710) (In Production)

Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower10 H 26 M

  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Building a Practice Lab
    • Cisco Firewall and IPS Systems
    • The FMCv in AWS
    • Configure the AWS VPC
    • Deploy the FMCv
    • Initial FMCv Setup
    • The NGFWv in AWS
    • Deploy the NGFWv
    • Adding the NGFWv to the FMCv
  • Deployment
    • NGFW Routed Mode
    • NGFW Transparent Mode
    • Interface Types and Modes
    • Link Redundancy
    • Active/Standby Failover
    • Multi-instance Deployments
    • Clustering sncf
  • Configuration
    • FMC System Settings
    • Object Management
    • Intrusion Rules
    • Access Control Policies
    • Policies and Rules of the FTD
    • Prefilter Policies
    • Security Intelligence
    • Malware and File Policies
    • Intrusion Policies
    • SSL Policies
    • Network Discovery
    • Identity Policies
    • DNS Policies
    • Correlation
    • NAT
    • QoS
    • VPN
    • Device Management
  • Management and Troubleshooting
    • Dashboards
    • Risk and Standard Reports
    • Troubleshooting with CLI/GUI
    • Packet Capture
  • Integration
    • Cisco AMP

Course Overview

9 M

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  • Episode Description

Are you ready to learn all about the Cisco Firepower devices from Cisco Systems? These devices have become very popular in Enterprise environments and this course will provide the details you seek. This course also completely prepares you for the SNCF 300-710 exam!

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