Cisco CCT Routing and Switching (100-490)

Practical Cisco Support Technician Skills6 H 35 M

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  • General Networking
    • Overview
    • Identify Basic Networking Hardware
    • Learn Your Networking Models
    • Identify Layer 1 and 2 Technologies
    • Identify Networking Responsibilities
    • Learn Network Addressing
    • Use Basic Network Utilities
  • Cisco Equipment and Hardware
    • Identify Cisco Equipment
    • Identify Cisco Components
    • Identify Ports Characteristics
    • Learn Cisco Memory Functions
    • Remove and Replace a Cisco Device
  • Cisco IOS
    • Cisco Operating System Types
    • Access the Cisco IOS
    • Use terminal emulation to access Cisco IOS Device
    • Learn Basic Cisco IOS commands
    • Create, Backup and Restore Startup-Config
    • Learn about IOS-XE Modes
  • Servicing Cisco Devices
    • Use Windows to Troubleshoot Basic Networking
    • Upgrade the Cisco IOS on a Router
    • Password recovery on a Cisco IOS Router
    • Additional Tools
    • Perform a Factory Reset on Cisco IOS Switch


4 M

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The Cisco CCT Routing and Switching course is not for the complete novice to computing and networking but is designed to increase the level of competency in networking fundamentals, configuring devices remotely, basic troubleshooting (layer 1 and layer 2) and recognizing connectivity issues. Also the you will become familiar with Cisco devices and systems that a field technician will need to develop as they assist clients with their networking equipment.

You're watching ITPROTV. [MUSIC] >> Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. We'd like to take a little bit of time and introduce you to our Cisco CCT course. I'm gonna be your host throughout this course, and my name is Wes Bryan. And I've been a technical instructor now for about a decade. And I teach a lot of the entry level helpdesk in networking and even some of the security fundamental technology courses here. And with us is going to be our subject matter expert for this course and that's Mr Ronnie Wong. How are we doing Ronnie? >> We are doing well Wes. Thank you again for actually joining me as we begin this course. >> Sure. >> I'll actually be the guy that's gonna be really, if anything else Wes is pointing you out or pointing out how we're actually gonna make you into a Cisco Certified Technician. So our goal here is actually fairly simple. Is that we wanna make sure that you actually understand some of those techniques. Now as far as my experience I again also Am a technical instructor. Have been one at Traditional Instructor LED training center, as well as now at ITPROTV and I specialize in Cisco. And teach a lot of the Cisco courses that are out there. And I have also of course, have helped us to establish our network as well, and also helped other companies out there too. So I've had some experience in the field as well. >> All right ladies and gentlemen, well you're in for a real treat. An one of the things I'd like to ask you, Ronnie, is what is it that you believe that our viewers will really take away from this course? I know some of the things that I'm gonna take away is getting hands on with the Cisco equipment in vendor specific technologies. How about you? So in the takeaway is that I hope that actually comes across is that it's really not super difficult to get involved with the Cisco technology. Don't get me wrong, as you actually continue up your certification track, you may find the technology gets deeper and deeper. But at least at this level, someone that's gonna be handling the equipment, maybe removing and restoring equipment in place, getting some of the basic configuration isn't that difficult for us. So I hope that what happens here is that this helps to bridge the gap between those who are actually saying, hey, I know a little bit of networking knowledge. How do I really apply that, and will talk about all those different things as well as get you actually hands on onto the equipment too. >> One of the things you mentioned, Ronnie, is that even though I'm hosting the show, I'll be kind of getting the hands on side of this. >> [LAUGH] >> And then you'll be guiding me through this. How is the course goals and, how is it structured? All right, so Wes this is actually kind of a neat thing that I've actually always thought about. A desire for me to be able to do this show, is that I really don't do the show, okay? >> Okay? >> So my desire is fairly simple. Is that I'm really guiding you through what the techniques are, and what it is that you can do. So essentially I'm gonna be here talking less. And you're gonna be doing all the work. >> All right, [LAUGH]. >> [CROSSTALK] I really want that to happen. And so once that happens, I hope that what that does is build confidence in you. To say, I know that this isn't as scary as some people make it out to be. But I can actually get started a little bit easier in this. >> Well, it sounds fun, and I know that this is a certification centric course. Can you tell us a little bit about, or what there certification experiences? Sure, yeah when it comes down to it, this particular exam you can take of course, through your Pearson Vue Center to be able to. I know said that, were actually in this weird time where you may have to take it from home. Or it is actually when you're watching it the centers of open back up, you'll be able to take it there. As of the recording right now is about $125 when the cheapest Cisco exams that are out there. And for us, though, okay the actual number of questions can vary is probably between 60 to 70 questions. You have about 90 minutes to be able to do that. Now, the reason why the questions are varying, cuz they actually vary the pool and they vary the difficulty in that sense. So you do have to know a little bit about everything. But the great thing is the exam objectives are out there, and they called them the exam blueprint. So you can take a look at all them? We'll, actually ensure that we cover every single one of them, but ensuring that as much as we can do hands-on will be doing that too. >> All right there, you go there. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. And Ronnies kind of told you why he's excited about this course. I know I'm excited, I'm ready to drive this course well kind of drive this course will see. And if that's something that interests you stick around, cuz we got a lot more to come in the Cisco CCT. >> Thank you for watching ITPROTV. [MUSIC]