Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (200-901)

Exam 200-90115 H 35 M

  • Software Development and Design
    • Set Up Dev Tools in Linux
    • Set Up Virtalization Tools in Linux
    • Set Up Dev Tools in Windows
    • Data Formats
    • The JSON Data Format
    • The XML Data Format
    • The YAML Data Format
    • Software Development Basics
    • Agile Development
    • Lean Development
    • Waterfall Development
    • Pick a Development Methodology
    • Software Quality
    • Organize Code
    • Code Organization and Design Patterns
    • Version Control Basics
    • Git Basics: Local
    • Git Basics: Remote
  • Understanding and Using APIs
    • HTTP Basics
    • HTTP Response Codes
    • API Basics
    • Webhooks
    • API Usage - No Authentication
    • API Usage with Authentication
  • Application Deployment and Security
    • Application Infrastructure
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment
    • Components of an Application Deployment
    • Application Security
    • DevOps Basics
    • Docker Basics
    • Bash Basics
    • Unit Testing Basics
  • Infrastructure and Automation
    • Infrastructure as Code Basics
    • Development and Infrastructure as Code
    • Automated Testing
    • Device and Controller Management
    • APIs and Device Management
    • Configure a Device with Bash
    • Configure a Device with Python
    • Configure a Device with Ansible
  • Network Fundamentals
    • Networking Basics
    • Network Communication Basics
    • IPv4 Addressing
    • Binary and Subnets
    • Subnetting, Real World Example
    • Common Network Components
    • Application Connectivity
    • Network Troubleshooting devnet
    • IP Services Basics
    • Management, Data and Control Planes
  • Cisco Platform and Development
    • Network Management Platform Capabilities
    • Collaboration Platform Capabilities
    • Security Platform Capabilities
    • Compute Management Platform Capabilities
    • Python Scripting with a Cisco SDK
    • Script: Manage WebEx Resources

Set Up Dev Tools in Linux

16 M

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  • Episode Description

In this episode, we will help you set up a development tools in Linux.

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