Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (200-901)

Exam 200-90115 H 44 M

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  • Software Development and Design
    • Overview
    • Set Up Dev Tools in Linux
    • Set Up Virtalization Tools in Linux
    • Set Up Dev Tools in Windows
    • Set Up Virtualization Tools in Windows
    • Data Formats
    • The JSON Data Format
    • The XML Data Format
    • The YAML Data Format
    • Software Development Basics
    • Agile Development
    • Lean Development
    • Waterfall Development
    • Pick a Development Methodology
    • Software Quality
    • Organize Code
    • Code Organization and Design Patterns
    • Version Control Basics
    • Git Basics: Local
    • Git Basics: Remote
  • Understanding and Using APIs
    • HTTP Basics
    • HTTP Response Codes
    • API Basics
    • Webhooks
    • API Usage - No Authentication
    • API Usage with Authentication
  • Application Deployment and Security
    • Application Infrastructure
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment
    • Components of an Application Deployment
    • Application Security
    • DevOps Basics
    • Docker Basics
    • Bash Basics
    • Unit Testing Basics
  • Infrastructure and Automation
    • Infrastructure as Code Basics
    • Development and Infrastructure as Code
    • Automated Testing
    • Device and Controller Management
    • APIs and Device Management
    • Configure a Device with Bash
    • Configure a Device with Python
    • Configure a Device with Ansible
  • Network Fundamentals
    • Networking Basics
    • Network Communication Basics
    • IPv4 Addressing
    • Binary and Subnets
    • Subnetting, Real World Example
    • Common Network Components
    • Application Connectivity
    • Network Troubleshooting devnet
    • IP Services Basics
    • Management, Data and Control Planes
  • Cisco Platform and Development
    • Network Management Platform Capabilities
    • Collaboration Platform Capabilities
    • Security Platform Capabilities
    • Compute Management Platform Capabilities
    • Python Scripting with a Cisco SDK
    • Script: Manage WebEx Resources


5 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (200-901) show is produced to help the software developer, networking professional and IT professional to achieve the latest Cisco certification offer, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification. It will help you to learn about the core Cisco platforms used, Cisco Programmability strategies, working with applications and working with APIs. Though there are no formal prerequisites for the exam, it is recommended that you have one or more years of hands-on experience in developing and maintaining applications.

You're watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC] Welcome to your certified Cisco DevNET show right here on IT Pro TV. We're about to give you a brief overview of what we'll actually be taking a look at in the show. So I'm here with Mr. Justin Dennison who's going to be well it's just me the majority of the content. So Justin tell us a little bit about yourself. >> So I'm here to provide my development expertise. Now you'll notice that Ronnie said a majority of the time there are some things that I know enough about to be dangerous but not enough to be maybe the teacher of. So Ronnie will take place on that. But as far as for why am I the one providing the development content? Been in development for five plus years. It's been going great. I've built many things and one of my lumps is automating processes. Well, Ronnie, why are you here? >> All right. I'm here as the engineer type right? So I already know about Cisco. I've been teaching these types of courses for a long time on the CCNA CCNP level. I'm a certified Cisco Systems instructor. So I've actually been around this exam area, especially in the Cisco world for a long time. I enjoy working with the product and we've actually done a lot of these. And Cisco's certified DevNet Associate is one of these exams that I would really like to earn myself. So I'm going to be a learner as much as you are on the show as well. So I'm going to bring my expertise in the areas of the networking side that we still need to keep in mind just in case somebody's actually looking at this and go, I need to know a little bit about networking. Well, I'll be actually doing that as well. Okay, so Justin when we start taking a look at it, why is this a good course for somebody watching? >> This is a great course as an entry point into this software-defined networking or networking automation space, which is a huge push. Maybe, you know a little bit of programming. Maybe you don't know much. Maybe you know whole lot of program but not a lot of networking. This is a great place to see how those things coalesce and you'll be validated by obtaining an exam right? Obtaining a certification but you'll also learn how do I automate, how do I see these pieces connected together? I think it's going to be an incredibly exhilarating experience. >> All right, so how do we break this course down so it's going to be meaningful to everybody? >> As far as meaningful, we took a note from Cisco. We did a little bit of rearrangement here and there but it's all there and just to show you what that looks like, let's take a look at my screen. I've searched for 200 901 exam the first one there and I've come to the exam topics. All right so these exam topics are software development design. That's me, understanding using APIs, also me. Cisco platforms and development. That's a little bit of me and Ronnie. Application deployment security, me. Infrastructure automation, me. Networking fundamentals, that's all Ronnie, right? So what we're doing is we're simulating how we're taking this and simulating how an organization may start using network automation, network engineer, some software developments or someone who knows how to program. We're coming together to learn these and build these automation tools. So that's what's in store for us. Now each one of those have a little more kind of details but high level, that's where we're going. >> All right now and there's also the idea here of as we get ready for the exam, what are some of the details we should look at and we actually can find some that information right on Cisco website, right? >> Absolutely and I just want to make sure we're talking about the exam, right? Yeah so over here on their exam topics, there's this overview tab, right? And if we come to the overview, hopefully yours doesn't take as long to load. You'll find out a little more about the exam. So it's the 200 901 development or developer. Excuse me, DevNet associate my goodness. I am a developer. It's 120 minutes, it's English administered by Pearson VUE. If you're outside the United States, you may want to be careful because currently it is $300 for us. That price may vary, testing options may vary, so definitely check. As far as the exam type questions, multiple choice, multiple select, fill in the blank simulations and semblance or small simulations are the types of questions that you should be prepared for. That's as much as we have right now, right. You'll notice February 24th, 2020, we're not there yet, so coming up. >> All right Justin as we start to think about it. I'm getting excited about this show because I'm really interested in learning about these topics that are really going to be impacting the networking industry. So I'm actually excited about doing that and learning more and as well as obtaining that certification. Justin, what about you? >> I'm excited about being able to provide tools and methodologies for working consistently, reliably, scalably, but also lazily as weird as that sounds. Automation is about being lazy, lazy is about efficiency as far as I'm concerned. So all of those are wrapped up I want to teach Ronnie. How can he be a little more lazy with automation using tools? >> All right, well you heard it right here. And that means we are ready to get started for our Cisco certified DevNet Associate and if you are, all it is is one click away in the next episode. Thank you for joining us. >> Thank you for watching IT PRO TV.