Hands-on with Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2)

Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2)3 H 13 M

  • Requirements
    • Overview
    • Are you ready for CML2
  • CML2 Installation
    • Install CML2 on Windows 10
    • Install CML2 on macOS Catalina
    • Install CML2 on VMware ESXi
  • CML2 Operations
    • Get to know CML2
    • Build and Configure a Simple Lab (GUI)
    • Build and Configure a Simple Lab (API)
    • Access the CML2 using Telnet
    • Access the CML2 using SSH
  • CML2 Enhanced Operations
    • Connect a Lab to the Outside World
    • Add VIRL 1.x images to a CML2 Lab


2 M

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  • Episode Description

The Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2) is a redevelopment and rebranding of their VIRL1.x (Virtual Internet Routing Lab). This show is meant for those who may be familiar with VIRL 1.x or are brand new to it. From it, you will learn how to install and configure this networking simulation tool into your VMware platform--VMware Workstation (Windows), VMware Fusion (macOS) or VMware ESXi. Also, you will see how to accomplish operations in the CML2 after a brief introduction to the UI--building a lab using the UI and through the API using Python, how to remotely access the CML and then how to connect your labs to the outside world.

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