Hands-on with Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2)

Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2)3 H 13 M

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  • Requirements
    • Overview
    • Are you ready for CML2
  • CML2 Installation
    • Install CML2 on Windows 10
    • Install CML2 on macOS Catalina
    • Install CML2 on VMware ESXi
  • CML2 Operations
    • Get to know CML2
    • Build and Configure a Simple Lab (GUI)
    • Build and Configure a Simple Lab (API)
    • Access the CML2 using Telnet
    • Access the CML2 using SSH
  • CML2 Enhanced Operations
    • Connect a Lab to the Outside World
    • Add VIRL 1.x images to a CML2 Lab


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  • Transcript

The Cisco Modeling Labs 2 (CML2) is a redevelopment and rebranding of their VIRL1.x (Virtual Internet Routing Lab). This show is meant for those who may be familiar with VIRL 1.x or are brand new to it. From it, you will learn how to install and configure this networking simulation tool into your VMware platform--VMware Workstation (Windows), VMware Fusion (macOS) or VMware ESXi. Also, you will see how to accomplish operations in the CML2 after a brief introduction to the UI--building a lab using the UI and through the API using Python, how to remotely access the CML and then how to connect your labs to the outside world.

You're watching IT PRO TV. >> Hello, I'm Ronnie Wong here to introduce you to the Cisco modeling labs 2 course. Now, I've had plenty of experience of course working with network simulation tools. I've been working with GNS three for about 10 years and also of course Cisco viral more recently, but today we wanna actually get into CML two. Now you might be wondering what's in it for you, now, when it comes down to it, right, everybody's studying, let's say, for a Cisco exam or actually maybe needing a true test bed environment. You need some type of stimulation to help you actually run it before you put it into production, or if you're building different labs, this is a great utility for you. So in this particular course, you actually learn how to actually do several things. So what we wanna do of course, is make sure that first and foremost, you understand what the requirements are for running the CML two. Now, this is true, whether actually running it on let's say on a laptop or a workstation, or whether you're gonna put it onto a server and run it there as well. Now this requires of course you'd have extensive knowledge, I shouldn't say extensive knowledge, at least basic knowledge and working with virtualization tools. And the only one that Cisco, a modeling labs 2 works with at this point, is gonna be VM where. So regardless of whether you're running workstation, or whether you're actually running VM ware fusion or whether you're running VM ware ESXI. You need to at least have familiarity with that as you go on. But in this show we'll actually show you not only how to deal with those requirements, but also how to get it set up. Whether you're also running in Windows, or whether you're actually running in Mac OS, or whether you're running on the bare metal hypervisors of ESXI. So that you can get it up and running and installed the way that you need to. Also, we'll be taking a look at, well, how do we actually interact with and the different realm and environment that you actually working in? It's a little bit new, the features actually do look slick, but it can be a little bit tricky. So we'll go through just a basic cursory introduction in terms of the user interface, and then we'll dive right into how you can build labs. And the great thing is it's much more intuitive in terms of how you build labs, that you can actually do. But also it comes with a great set of different images that you can work with as well. Now, when we start getting into it, of course, after we actually start doing things like that. We'll hit a little bit into network program ability as well as of course, into the realm of enhancing all the features, that are actually available to you in CML 2 as well. Now, if this sounds like that, this is for you and that you're actually ready to get started. All you have to do is actually click on the next video link as well, and we actually start right away, but thank you for watching and we'll see you in the very next video. >> Thank you for watching IT PRO TV.