Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)

14 H 25 M

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  • Overview
    • Overview
    • Environment Setup - Git & Azure CLI
    • Environment Setup - Visual Studio Code
    • Environment Setup - Visual Studio Community Edition
  • Implement IaaS Solutions
    • Provision Virtual Machines (VMs)
    • Configure, Validate, & Deploy ARM Templates
    • ARM Templates - Exercise
    • Container Images & the Azure Container Registry
    • Creating Container Image using ACR Tasks - Exercise
    • Run Containers by using Azure Container Instance
  • Create Azure App Service Web Apps
    • Create an Azure App Service Web App
    • Enable Diagnostics Logging
    • Deploy Code to a Web App
    • Configure Web App Settings
    • Implement Autoscaling Rules
  • Implement Azure Functions
    • Create & Deploy Azure Functions Apps
    • Create & Deploy Azure Functions Apps - Exercise
    • Implement Bindings & Triggers for a Function
    • Implement Azure Durable Functions
  • Develop Solutions that use Cosmos DB Storage
    • Select the Appropriate API & SDK for a Solution
    • Implement Partitioning Schemes & Partition Keys
    • Perform Operations on Data & Cosmos DB Containers
    • Consistency Levels for Operations & Change Feeds
  • Develop Solutions that use Blob Storage
    • Move Items in Blob Storage
    • Set & Retrieve Properties & Metadata
    • Perform Operations on Data Using the Appropriate SDK
    • Implement Storage Policies, Data Archiving, & Retention
  • Implement User Authentication & Authorization
    • Using the Microsoft Identity Platform
    • Using Azure Active Directory
    • Create & Implement Shared Access Signatures
    • Implement Solutions that Interact with Microsoft Graph
  • Implement Secure Cloud Solutions
    • Secure App Configuration Data
    • Develop Code that uses Keys, Secrets & Certificates
    • Implement Managed Identities for Azure Resources
  • Implement Caching for Solutions
    • Configure Azure Cache for Redis
  • Troubleshoot Solutions by Using Metrics & Log Data
    • Configure an App or Service to use Application Insights
    • Review & Analyze Metrics & Log Data
    • Implement Application Insights Web Tests & Alerts
  • Implement API Management
    • Create an APIM Instance
    • API Creation & Policies
    • Configure Authentication for APIs
  • Develop Event-based Solutions
    • Implement Solutions that use Azure Event Grid
    • Implement Solutions that use Azure Event Hub
  • Develop Message-based Solutions
    • Implement Solutions that use Azure Service Bus
    • Implement Solutions using Azure Queue Storage Queues


3 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

WEBVTT >> We're developing solutions for Microsoft Azure, AZ tool, for course, I'm out. I'm Gordon, their success sky. I'm going to help you move through. Your is the tool for journey and whether your end goal is to take him past the easy tool for exam or you're just looking to gather skills that will make you a better developer and a better solution provider on Microsoft Azure. You're in the right place and you're doing the right thing were to take a look at all of the different exam objectives, move through them, teach you the skills necessary to understand how to achieve those objectives. And along the way, I'll give you guidance on how to not only apply this knowledge for the exam, but also how to best utilize it in your day-to-day practice. If you're doing this real, we'll take a look at different tools. Hopefully you've been through or will at least look at going through the overview episodes that I've set aside for you at the beginning of the course. So you could set up your I D E or grated development environment. Install visual studio code set up in the stall visual studio install as you see a line and get 4 Windows desktop. She got all the development tools necessary configured and ready to go that we will use in. Every one of the episodes are almost every one of the episodes across the depth and breath of are easy to for course. Let's quickly take a look at the topics that we're going to be a focusing on at a high level. These are the 5 major topic blocks will cover in this course. Developing out or compute solutions developing for I'm sure storage implementing Asher security monitoring trouble shooting and optimizing azure. Solutions and connecting to consuming as your services and third-party services. Now preparing for the easy tool for exam. These are going to be the 5 mean a high-level categories. We will have multiple exam objectives and reach our exam. Outline is aligned with our course outline. So everything we're doing in the course is designed to support and reinforce all the skills you need to just looking at other schools for the real world. We're using the exam outline to drive those skills. So either way you want to be in the same place and you're a successful as hopefully you need to be. I've been working with an injury with Microsoft's solutions for a long, long time. I spend a lot of time teaching a lot of time in the real world working with customers just like you helping you to implement solutions, understand complexity and try to manage it in your environments. I really am looking forward to spending this time with you and take you on your easy tool for journey. Can't wait to get started. Really exciting stuff. Got some cool down. A set up for you. Got some really interesting opportunities for you to flex your coding muscles. Work with both visual studio code and visual studio as well as creating some really interesting solutions that allow you see the true power of the azure platform. I'm ready to get started. Hopefully you are as well. All we need to do this finish up here and move into the body the course and budget joining as soon as you're ready to do so. And once you are, we'll spend our time wisely and make sure you understand everything you need to know to be successful regardless of what your ultimate end goal is. I look forward to seeing you as soon as you're ready when you are. Please join me in the follow-on episodes. Until then all say goodbye and all season. Take care, buddy.