Mastering Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune

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  • Understanding Microsoft Endpoint Manager
    • Overview
    • Introducing Microsoft Endpoint Manager
    • Co-Management Inside of Endpoint Manager
    • Enrollment Options
    • Performing Device Enrollments
  • Deploying and Managing Windows
    • Windows Client Deployment Methods
    • Windows Subscription-Based Activation
    • Managing Windows Updates
  • Configuring and Securing Endpoints
    • Using Configuration Profiles
    • Security and Compliance Policies
    • Implement and Manage Security Baselines
  • Deploying and Managing Applications
    • Deploy Applications
    • Manage Applications
  • Additional Endpoint Manager Features
    • Troubleshooting with Endpoint Manager
    • Additional Client Security Features


3 M

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WEBVTT >> Welcome. Thanks for joining us for this course on mastering Microsoft end point manager and intune. I'm going to be your host, Sophie Goodwin for this course. And I'm joined by our subject matter expert Anthony Sequeira, he is well versed in Microsoft. He's going to be a wonderful guy, Anthony, >> introduce yourself. I'm absolutely yes. So Anthony Sequeira where as you heard, I am back at ACI Learning after a hiatus where I went and taught with Splunk and in fact, we've got Splunk training here now. That's great. But yeah, it's great to be back with ACI Learning it pro and I'm super excited for this class. Tonight. I got to apologize to Sophie, our host. That's the longest name of a course I've had in a long time. But it needs to be a long name because Microsoft has taken there intune product. And they've talked it underneath something called endpoint manager in Azure. We're going to talk about endpoint manager. We're going to talk about intune. We're also going to be talking about the Microsoft configuration and point configuration manager product. That's the new SCCM from Microsoft's. A lots to talk about in this course fee for sure. So what is the structure of this course going to look like? Yeah, what we're going to do is we're going to teach our students step by step, how to establish a Microsoft intune presence in Microsoft Azure. And right away. Start managing desktops, mobile phones, tablets, Apple stuff. Android stuff. Windows stuff you name it. We're going to teach our students how to enroll those devices into in tune and then start getting the management benefits of the software. So as a student watching and learning from this course, what is it that I can get from this course? Is there an exam associated with it? Is yes, really for knowledge purposes. Great question. We approach this course from a pure. You're going to do this in production, but you're going to see me covering some topics and you might go. Why is he covering this? It's because of certification. So we were sure to look at the exam on endpoint manager that this coordinates with from Microsoft. And we made sure Sophie and I to cover every single objective from that list. So even though we want you to really be able to do this in production, that's our goal. We also made sure to cover all those odds and ends that Microsoft might test you on. And of course, last but not least. Why are you excited about this course, Anthony? I'm excited about this course because Intune works now I've been teaching Intune for decades and when Microsoft first invented this product, it was a real challenge to get it to function. Fact. I was talking to one of our other instructors here Ronnie Wong. He's been teaching it for decades as well. And he was like, boy, I remember being able to get the devices into Intune, but then I could never get him out. And we're going to be looking at that in this course. And we'll be looking at trouble shooting systems that are managed by Intune. But let's face it. We'll also talk about pitfalls and things that can go wrong with Intune itself. Well, all right. I think that pretty much covers unless is anything else that you want to know, just super excited that we're getting this course done. We've had a lot of requests over the years for intune training. So we're finally getting to it. >> All right. Well, thank you so much for joining us for this overview of mastering Microsoft end point manager and intune and we'll see you in the rest. Of course,