Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (In Production)

Foundational level skills in cloud services7 H 26 M

  • Benefits of Using Cloud Services
    • Understand High Availability
    • Understand Scalability, Elasticity and Agility
    • Economic Benefits of the Cloud
    • Cloud Service Models
    • Cloud Deployment Models
  • Understand the Core Azure Architectural Components
    • Azure Architecture: Regions
    • Azure Architecture: Resource Groups
    • Azure Architecture: Availability Zones
    • Azure Architecture: Resource Manager
    • Benefits of Core Azure Architectural Components
    • Azure Products: Compute
    • Azure Products: Networking
    • Azure Products: Storage
    • Azure Products: Databases
    • Azure Products: Marketplace
    • Azure Solutions: Internet of Things
    • Azure Solutions: Internet of Things
    • Azure Solutions: Artificial Intellegence
    • Azure Management: Azure Advisor
  • Understand security, privacy, compliance and trust
    • Securing Networks: Security Groups
    • Securing Networks: User Defined Routes
    • Securing Networks: Azure Firewall
    • Securing Networks: Azure DDoS Protection
    • Governance Methodologies: Policies and Initiatives
    • Governance Methodologies: RBAC
    • Governance Methodologies: Locks

Understand High Availability

22 M

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  • Episode Description

The cloud provides many benefits. In this episode, learn how the cloud provides high availability.

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