CompTIA Accelerated Network+ (N10-007)

Fast-paced foundational networking concepts17 H 48 M

The accelerated CompTIA Network+ exam prep course is intended for aspiring IT network technicians who want an accelerated version of the online IT course.

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  • Networking Concepts
    • Overview
    • Ports and Protocols
    • OSI Model
    • Network Traffic Properties
    • Switching Technologies
    • Routing Technologies
    • Network Performance Concepts
    • IPv4 Addressing
    • IP Addressing Assignments
    • IPv6 Addressing
    • Network Topologies
    • Wireless Technologies
    • Cloud Concepts
    • Network Service Functions
    • TCP/IP Model
  • Infrastructure
    • Cabling Solutions - Copper
    • Cabling Solutions - Fiber
    • Network Devices
    • Virtualization and Network Storage
    • WAN Technologies
  • Network Operations
    • Network Diagrams and Documents
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Policies and Best Practices
    • Scanning, Monitoring and Patching
    • Remote Access Methods
  • Network Security
    • Physical Security Devices
    • Authentication and Access Control
    • Basic Wireless Network Security
    • Common Network Attacks
    • Network Device Hardening
    • Common Mitigation Techniques
  • Network Troubleshooting and Tools
    • Network Troubleshooting Method
    • Network Troubleshooting Tools
    • Network Troubleshooting Tools Part 2
    • Common Network Issues
    • Common Network Service Issues
    • Common Network Service Issues Part 2


2 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

An abbreviated version of the Network+ exam topics.

[MUSIC] Hello, we'd like to take a second here at ITProTV to tell you a little bit about what you can expect in the Accelerated Net+ Course. We're gonna be looking at, well, what is Accelerated Net+, who is this course for, what will be covered, as well as some of the exam details. So what is Net+? Net+ is really a benchmark for entry-level network technicians. It's also a worldwide accreditation, that accreditation being from the ISO and the 17024 certification. This is also compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act likewise. Who is this course for? Well, this course is for candidates that require a quick recap before sitting their Net+ exam. Candidates should already have a good understanding of the concepts of setting up and maintaining network communications. Candidates who are going to be taking the exam based on CompTIA's Net+ N10-007 objectives. What will be covered in the accelerated Net+? Well, the content, like we've mentioned, for CompTIA's N10-007 exam. This course does assume that the candidate has the majority of the prep work done for the objectives, and they are already complete because this will be a high level overview of the network communication technologies and specifications to help you just get the last little bit that you need before sitting your exam. What are some of the exam details? Well at the time of this recording the exam details are 90 questions in 90 minutes. The questions will be multiple choice, as well as performance based questions, too. Performance based questions could include things like simulations, where you actually have to enter some configurations. Things like drag and drops as well, where you're given a list and you have to drag the answers in and put them potentially in the right order. Understand that a passing score on the CompTIA Net+ N10-007 exam is gonna be 720, that is a scale of 100 to 900. And again, if you're looking at US dollars, it is a $294 exam. One of the recommendations is that you have A+ and at least nine to 12 months IT network experience. Keep in mind that this is a recommendation but not a requirement. If this is some of the things that you need so that when you sit that Net+ exam you will be prepared, then this course is for you. [MUSIC]

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