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  • CompTIA Core Blockchain
    • Why Blockchain Matters
    • How We Work Today: The Internet of Value
    • Business Drivers and Disrupters
    • Accelerating Trust: Cryptos and ICOs
    • Using Blockchain in Your Business: Use Cases
    • Blockchain and Cybersecurity
    • How Blockchain Works
    • Your Blockchain Project: DIY Tools
    • Seven Steps to Success

Why Blockchain Matters

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James, Sonia, and Shirish discuss how blockchain has proliferated into both public and private industry sectors and give examples of how opportunities in those sectors continue to expand and influence business globally.

Welcome everybody. I'm James Stinger. I'm Chief technology evangelist at CompTIA and a comped here. We do a lot of work with emerging Technologies. One of the most exciting ones is blockchain and to that effect. We put together a Cornerstone committee about a year and a half ago. I've got two members of the Cornerstone committee the first ones Sonia. How you doing Sonia Mundra? How are you doing doing great. Thanks for having me. Sonya is from chenega analytics Business Solutions. It's a company owned by chenega Corporation and Alaska Native Corporation. Tell us that just a bit about genique. Absolutely. We're in eight a certified small disadvantaged business. We are We owned by the chenega tribe in Alaska and we do records management and IT solutions for the federal government. So there's a lot of wisdom going on here having to do with what the government's doing with blockchain. You know, I sure wish you are with group 50 tell us a bit about group 50 and what you're doing in regards to say Supply Chain management things like that. Well, James a group 50 is a management consultancy. We focus on Middle Market USA with a focus on bringing the people process technology together as a bridge between the business and an IT and the technology Supply chains are intrinsically very closely related to the offerings that blockchain offers. And this is what we were bringing forward. We even have a product that focuses specifically on supply chain using locked in technology. So you folks are here because you want to learn more either as a manager about what blockchain can do to bring in efficiencies in your business or as a tech person who wants to say, how can I Implement blockchain and make it possible for a company to do better? So folks, what we're going to do is talk for a second about one of the elephant's that's in the room when it comes to blockchain and it has to do with kind of that hype Factor kind of that idea that you know is blockchain all that because that's one of the first discussions I think people will have either as technicians or as Business Leaders. So tell us a bit more about you know, where blockchain is, right? Where do you see when you get in the blockchain or probably two ends of this back back? Yeah one is it's going to say it's going to save the planet. It's going to do all kinds of wonderful things. And at the other end is You mean you talk about Bitcoin or this is snake oil right somewhere in the middle is what we've got to get through with appropriate education and how to use this thing. You know, there was a professor at Stanford who kind of said something about you know, when a technology is first, you know kind of adopted and then something happens after a while as the technology is adapted Roy Amara. Yeah that that is so appropriate to what we're talking about. What he said is any new technology is overestimated on the short term and underestimated in the long term. So what are some of the ways Sonia that we can kind of focus on blockchain is something that you know to get to that Grounder that implementation. Hmm. So in addition to what Sharif said is people Veer kind of to that far right and far left within specifically the federal government. I mean a lot of people really view blockchain is something just for the commercial space and something not necessarily applicable, you know to the mission set right that we that's very specific to the federal government and especially the security requirements that we have and those considerations at the federal government. But you know, we started this committee a year and a half ago. Yeah, and you know in that time we're seeing a lot of activity now within the blockchain sector, you know, one of the things I think is interesting as we get people blockchain ready. It's the whole idea of getting a company blockchain ready. Not just you know Tech he's saying, you know, whatever language they need to go or you know, it said our or python what have you it's the whole idea of you know, The whole landscape so Sonia and sharise tell us a bit more about today's landscape out there how blockchain is working today? Great question. If you look in the private sector this go vertical by vertical one of the things that we're seeing a lot of is the issues with food safety concerns companies like Walmart have jumped right into that form to for Providence. They started that in China. They're looking at doing this in the u.s. Today and they're turning to the segment. We focus on Middle Market saying, how can you help us with blockchain be giving us this necessary full provenance picture you get into what was traditionally the bailiwick of financial company in terms of be the third part managing all the transactions. They're looking at how they can do it better and smarter using blockchain. If you look at patents filed patents owned you see a who's who list? And the finance, you know, you got American Chris Visa Mastercard, they're all doing it. And by the way, let's not forget it about the technology sector saying you got IBM Dell Intel everyone's put Microsoft. They're all putting out their patent. The they're seeing something important happen at there and you know the other cool thing out there. I did a little search on LinkedIn or blockchain jobs. Well over 12,000. So there's a supply and demand issue out there. And Academia is recognized you have pop schools or an L. Carnegie Mellon not just on this side of the pond. You got Oxford over there a mighty everyone's putting forward their blockchain programs education to get ready for this demand that's coming. I think one of the interesting things is that the details about implementation, which we're going to be hitting throughout. This course are very important. What kinds of implementation Sonia have you seen in the government side? What does that landscape looking like? Yeah, we have made a ton of progress in the federal government sector, you know in the past two years. So General Services Administration has released both a primer and A playbook for blockchain specific to federal government. Its Mission and use cases. We had the first successful proof-of-concept done by Health and Human Services HHS. Us so that for the acquisition use case and that was very successful. So we're seeing a lot of requests for information request for proposal from various agencies within the Department of Defense Department of Transportation Department of Homeland Security. So there's really that appetite out there that really necessarily wasn't there two years ago. And of course on the state and local Delaware is kind of a front-runner, of course Delaware's known for you know, the massive amounts of company in corporations and registrations. And so Delaware's taken the lead on a blockchain use case to track all those company registration. And of course in you know, something that's near and dear to my heart working for chenega is the issue of you know, tribal identity and Sovereign T. So, you know the tribes both in Alaska and lower 48 are looking at ways to manage identity because that's all tied to You know, you know assets and land and things like that and holding so and as a way to kind of Leap Frog themselves well, so and then on the international sector there are front-runner. So for example within the UAE and Estonia, for example, they're looking at blockchain real estate use case as a way to track, you know, they're they're real estate holding. You know, there's a lot going on nationally and internationally about blockchain and what we're going to be talking about in the next little unit that we cover is kind of what web 3.0 is looking like we've all seen web 1.0. We're living in a 2.0 World. We're going to talk about some of the issues and some of the solutions that blockchain can bring to the table.

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