Windows 10 (MD-100)

Configuring Modern Desktops16 H 4 M

The MD-100 exam will test your ability to deploy Windows, manage devices, configure connectivity, and maintain Windows. Use this course to prep for the exam.

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  • Deploy Windows
    • Overview
    • Configure Language Packs
    • Migrate User Data
    • Migrate User Data Part 2
    • Perform a Clean Installation
    • Perform an in-place Upgrade
    • Windows Editions and Activation
    • Post-Installation Configuration
  • Manage Devices and Data
    • Manage Devices
    • Manage Local Users and Groups
    • Configure NTFS Permissions
    • Configure NTFS Permissions Part 2
    • Configure Shared Permissions
    • Configure Shared Permissions Part 2
    • Configure Devices Using Local Policies
    • Configure Devices Using Local Policies Pt.2
    • Manage Windows Security
    • Manage Windows Security Part 2
    • Manage Windows Security Part 3
    • Manage Windows Security Part 4
  • Configure Connectivity
    • Configure Networking
    • Configure Networking Part 2
    • Configure Networking Part 3
    • Configure Remote Connectivity
    • Configure Remote Connectivity Part 2
    • Configure Remote Connectivity Part 3
  • Maintain Windows
    • Perform File Recovery
    • Recover Windows 10
    • Recover Windows 10 Part 2
    • Manage Updates
    • Configure Event Logs
    • Configure Event Logs Part 2
    • Manage Performance
    • Manage Performance Part 2


1 M

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  • Transcript

Modern Desktop Administrators deploy, configure, secure, manage, and monitor devices and client applications in an enterprise environment. The MD-100 exam will test your ability to deploy Windows, manage devices and data, Configure connectivity, and maintain Windows.

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome to ITProTV. I'm Mike Rodrick, and in this series of videos, we're gonna be covering the objectives for the exam MD-100, Windows 10. Now, this is one of two exams you'll need to pass in order to obtain your Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. Let's go out to Microsoft's website and take a look at the objectives we're gonna be covering. You'll see that it's divided up into four categories, the first of which is Deploy Windows, worth 15 to 20% of our exam. We're gonna cover topics like performing a clean installation, migrating user data, troubleshooting activation issues, as well as configuring mobility settings and sign-in options. Then we'll move on into managing devices and data. This one's gonna be worth 35 to 40% of our exam. And we're gonna take a look at topics like managing local users and groups, configuring NTFS permissions and share permissions, as well as configuring local registry and local policy, and configuring User Account Control settings. Then we'll move into configuring connectivity, worth another 15 to 20% of our exam. You'll see topics like configuring mobile networking and VPN client, working with Wi-Fi profiles, configuring remote management, and Power Shell Remoting. Our last category is maintaining Windows, worth 25 30% of our exam. Here, we'll see topics like recovering Windows 10, checking for updates, and validating and testing those updates, configuring Windows Update options. We'll also take a look at configuring and analyzing event logs and managing performance. So there's a quick look at the objectives we're gonna be covering in the following video series. Let's get started. [MUSIC]

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