Linux Shell Scripting - Advanced

Advanced scripting8 H 13 M

In this course, take a look at some more advanced scripting practices in Linux by learning about Functions, Libraries, Regular Expressions and more.

  • Functions and Libraries
    • Overview
    • Functions
  • sed and awk
    • Intro to Sed
    • Intro to Sed Part 2
    • Intro to Sed Part 3
    • Intro to awk
  • RegEx
    • Regular Expressions
    • Regular Expressions Part 2
  • GUI Scripting
    • Writing Graphical Scripts
    • Writing Graphical Scripts Pt2
  • Advanced sed
    • Advanced sed: Multi-line Commands
    • Advanced sed: Multi-line Commands Part 2
    • Advanced sed: Hold Space for Negation
  • Advanced gawk
    • Advanced gawk: Variables
    • Advanced gawk: Arrays
    • Advanced gawk: Structured Commands
    • Advanced gawk: Formatted Printing and Functions


3 M

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  • Episode Description

In this series, Daniel and Justin take a look at some of the more advanced scripting practices. Here they will empower your scripts by taking advantage of things like Functions, Libraries, creating graphical elements, sed (Stream EDitor), gawk, and Regular Expression.

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