Abstracting with Functions

Reusing code one piece at a time3 H 7 M

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  • Abstracting with Functions
    • Overview
    • What is a Function
    • Creating a Function
    • Functions without Arguments
    • Functions with a Single Positional Argument
    • Functions with a Single Keyword Argument
    • Functions w/ Multiple Positional Arguments
    • Functions w/ Multiple Keyword Arguments
    • Fuctions w/ Mixed Arguments


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In this series, we will take a look at creating functions as a way to collect logic into a reusable chunk. If you want to explore how to create and utilize functions to make your code more readable and maintainable, then join us there!

[MUSIC] Hello and thank you for watching DevProTV. We are with Justin Dennison talking about abstracting with functions. Justin, tell us about this course. >> So this course is meant to give a you a little bit of a mental picture of what a function is, right? That's to start out. But our real main goal is to talk about all the nuances that crop up in Python when you're creating a function. So we're gonna be looking at keywords, at some of the syntax and then looking at the difference between positional and keyword argument. How those all come into play when we're creating functions that we're going to reuse later. >> Now who is this show targeted toward? >> So this is someone who is getting started in Python and well programming. The same concepts kind of apply throughout the programming. And we're gonna focus on Python in particular. If you've ever created a function or you have some things where your like, I don't really know what this is, then this course is for you. Because well, this is meant to be a getting started kind of endeavor. >> Is there a certification involved in the course? >> No, this is more about powering up our skills. Learning a little more so we're better programmers incrementally. We keep moving forward and getting better every day. >> And I know you've already touched on it, but what topics are covered in abstracting with functions? >> So, how to create a function, the keywords associated with a function. Positional parameters, how to use multiple positional parameters. What are keyword arguments? How to use multiple keyword arguments. And then how to take all of those things, put them together to get really complex functions. Spoiler alert, I actually recommend against those. But so you'll know when you're reading other people's code, your own code. Code from six months ago or you're reading code in the future you'll go, I know what that means. So that's our main goal. >> Thanks Justin, you do a great job. And if abstracting with functions sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you should be; make sure to watch every single episode in the course library, you'll be gald you did. And thanks for watching DevProTV. [MUSIC]