Applied Fundamentals: Guess the Number

Simple Yet Effective Programming2 H 41 M

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  • Guess the Number
    • Overview guessthenumber
    • Plan the Project
    • Set Up the Project
    • Take a Guess
    • Add User Instructions
    • Refactor to Functions
    • Limit the Guesses
    • Determine Win or Lose

Overview guessthenumber

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If you still are working on honing your programming skills, then building something simple can help that skill development along. In this series, we are going to build another simple game that allow you to flex your programming muscles. See you there!

[MUSIC] Hello and thank you for watching DevProTV. We're talking with Justin Dennison about this course, applied fundamentals, guess the number. Justin, can you tell us what the course is all about? >> So the course is actually to take some of our Python knowledge that we've built up in the previous courses thus far. And kind of apply those, applied fundamentals, who would have thought? To create, guess the number, a very simple game where the object is, the computer selects a random number. And then you go, is it that, is it that, is it that? Now, I know it doesn't, hey, listen, it's not Halo, it's not Fallout, you're correct. But it does encapsulate a great deal of things that we have learnt up until this point. And so that's the ultimate goal of this course. >> Awesome, now, who's the show targeted towards? >> This show is targeted to someone who, hey, you've come through our previous courses. Introduction to Python, programming fundamentals, those type of courses, where you're just getting started. Like, all right, I have all of this knowledge, I have this piece and this piece and this piece. How do I put these pieces together and actually build something that maybe you can hand off to someone else, they can play it, and see your programming skills. So it's a very kind of introductory, maybe an essential type thing, a rite of passage, if you will. I take all of these Mega Blok bricks and then put them together into, well, a guess the number game. >> Is there a certification available for the course? >> This is not certification based, and the reason being, it would be hard, I don't even know you'd get certified. It'd be like, you are a certified guess the number builder, [LAUGH] I don't know how that would work. But, in the long term, this is setting you up to see how the pieces of a programming language, how your thought process kind of comes together to build an application. Which, maybe that does lead to certifications in the future, so think of this as a stepping stone to getting a little better at your craft. >> And you already kind of touched on it, but what topics are covered in the show? >> So this topic is actually gonna look at conditions, functions, loops, to some extent, how a game works. And things like, okay, I'm printing to the screen, I'm taking user input. So there's a lot of these basic elements that you may need for very simple applications that are all rolled into one. It is a pick and choose, essentially, of a lot of the topics that we've seen in previous courses. >> Thanks, Justin, so if applied fundamentals guess the number sounds like a course you'd be interested in, and you should, make sure to see all the episodes inside of our course library. And thank you for watching DevProTV, a good dev pro is always learning. [MUSIC]