Getting Technical with the Terminal

Comfort with the Command-line2 H 4 M

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  • Terminal
    • Overview
    • What is the Terminal?
    • Opening the Terminal
    • Navigating in the Terminal
    • Making Folders and Files


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In this series, we are going to learn the basics of using the command-line interface. If you have ever been scared when the cursor shows up on a seemingly blank screen or wondered what the Terminal or cmd application can accomplish, then stay tuned to learn the basics and increase your productivity.

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome to Getting Technical with the Terminal. Here to help us explain what this series is all about is Mr. Justin Dennison. So Justin, what are we going to be learning about in this series? >> Well, the main goal of this series is to remove some of the fear that happens when we remove the GUI interface, right? The graphical user interface from our interactions with the computer and learn a little bit about how to create folders, create files, move folders and files. Navigate around without the point and click that we're all so use to in an effort, well, to make us a little more productive, and to make us comfortable in case we ever have to encounter that environment again. >> All right, well, that sounds exciting. So who is this intended for? What's our target audience here? >> Well, this target audience is definitely, you've never been in a terminal, right? You have never seen what the command line interface or just this basic interface with no GUI application, you've never seen it before. And if you're part of that, then that's our ultimate goal is to make you comfortable. Allow you to understand what's going on, and create a modicum of proficiency. >> Well, it sounds like the perfect series for me because that's where I would need to start. So is this geared towards any type of certification or technical body that I can take a test for? >> This is not certification-based, this is more about, well, learning a little more so we can continue our progression, right? If you want to learn how to become a proficient developer, well, you're probably gonna end up in a terminal from time to time. And this is targeted towards you, to dip our toes into the water and get things rolling. And if that sounds like a set of skills that you're ready to embark on, well, I'll see you there. [MUSIC]