HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

Responsive Web Design3 H 20 M

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  • HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
    • Overview
    • Introduction to HTML
    • CSS
    • CSS Part 2
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Building a Bootstrap Page
    • Glyphs and Forms
    • Font Awesome


1 M

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  • Transcript

This course introduces basic concepts for building web pages using HTML which gives structure to the content such as defining paragraphs and images and CSS which defines the appearance of the content such as colors and fonts. It also introduces bootstrap which is a collection of tools and templates for use with HTML and CSS.

[MUSIC] Hello. In this series of videos, we're gonna be looking at HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap ,and here to tell us a little bit more about what we can expect, here's Mr. Victor Moreno. >> Thank you, Mike. Basically, the series is aimed for anybody who wants to understand a little bit about what HTML is and how to make websites. We talk about what websites even are. What your browser really does behind the scenes. How to dig under the hood of your browser, how to understand what's going on with HTML, how to apply CSS, how to manage your files in a professional way, and how to use third party tools that make your development process a lot easier. And if you look at my screen right now, we can actually, by the end of the course, over a couple of episodes, we actually make this website right here with a slider, some nice pictures, some icons, a contact form. And we talk about how all of this works, and what all of it does. So, hopefully, you stay tuned, and hopefully you enjoy it and learn a lot. [MUSIC]

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