HTML5 Canvas Graphics and Animations

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  • HTML5 Canvas Graphics and Animations
    • Overview
    • Introduction to the Canvas Element
    • Drawing Lines and Rectangles
    • Drawing Lines and Rectangles Part 2
    • Drawing Curves and Arcs
    • Drawing Curves and Arcs Part 2
    • Drawing Curves and Arcs Part 3
    • Creating Other Shapes
    • Creating Other Shapes Part 2
    • Drawing Styles and Colors
    • Drawing Styles and Colors Part 2
    • Drawing Text
    • Drawing Gradients
    • Drawing Gradients Part 2
    • Using Images
    • Using Images Part 2
    • Using Images: Grayscale Filter
    • Using Transformations
    • Using Transformations Part 2
    • Clipping and Composites
    • Clipping and Composites Part 2
    • More About Animations
    • More About Animations Part 2
    • Lets Build It: Particles Everwhere
    • Lets Build It: Particles Everywhere Part 2
    • Responding to Events


3 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

HTML5 Canvas elements bring art and animation to the browser. In this series, we explore the capabilities of the HTML5 Canvas element in conjunction with JavaScript. This includes simple "pen" drawings, image displaying, image manipulation, and animations. Knowing HTML5 Canvas provides a great way to start with in-browser games as well as expressing those artistic desires. Hope to see you there!

[MUSIC] Hi and thank you for choosing DevProTV. This is a course overview for HTML5 Canvas Graphics and Animations. With us is Justin Dennison. Justin, tell us about the course. >> So the course is going to be using the HTML5 canvas element that is a fairly new addition. When I say fairly new, that time span may be a little off there. That allows the programmatic drawing manipulation of images and various objects, shapes, polygons, inside of the browser context. So we're able to make lines and triangles, and circles. And not only that, but we can use it for possible animation, as a way to break into games, simulations, and such. >> Now, who is this show targeted towards? >> So in order to really get the most out of this series, you need to know some JavaScript, you need to know about the DOM, the browser DOM API. You need to know a little bit about web development, HTML, CSS. You don't have to be an expert. But I tend to use newer JavaScript features that make it a little easier for me, but it's also things that you should be picking up. So you should know some JavaScript. You don't have to know everything, but that's pretty much where most of our time is gonna be spent. >> Is there a certification available for this? >> This series is not certification based, it's one of our tech skill power up type of things. If you've never been inside of the HTML 5 Canvas element, done any type of drawing programmatically, this may be the course for you. However, it's not gonna come out that you have a test at the end or anything like that. It's about getting better and getting more robust in your skill set. And, ultimately, I hope that does help you out. >> And what topics are covered in this show? >> So in this show we're going to set up the project, which includes the Canvas element and the respective webpage. And then we're going to start just building primitives, like lines, and circles, and polygons. And I'm gonna show you some abstractions that help with that. Because we can build correlated functions that will always draw a triangle, always draw a circle, always draw a pentagon. And then from there, we're gonna start moving into more complex things, like gradients, background colors, as well as animations. Animating things on the actual HTML5 Canvas and sprinkled in there, ever so often, are advanced features like compositing modes. As well as clipping mask, and some more graphical things, including images. So you can actually use images inside of the Canvas element and I will be showing all of those. >> Fantastic. Now if this sounds like a show you'd be interested in, and it should be, make sure you watch every single episode of HTML5 Canvas Graphics and Animations on DevProTV. Thank you. [MUSIC]