Intro to AngularJS

A Widely Used Web Framework10 H 29 M

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  • Intro to AngularJS
    • Overview
    • What is AngularJS
    • Our First Angular Application
    • Controllers and Scope
    • Controllers and Scope Part 2
    • Data Binding
    • Overview of Built-in Directives
    • Dynamic Styles and CSS
    • Rendering Lists
    • Handling Events
    • Filters
    • Filters Part 2
    • Forms
    • AJAX with AngularJS
    • AJAX with Angular Resource
    • Services and Factories
    • Services and Factories Part 2
    • Custom Directives
    • Custom Directives Part 2
    • Custom Components
    • Custom Components Part 2
    • Client Routing with Angular Router
    • Client Routing with Angular Router Part 2
    • Client Routing with Angular Router Part 3
    • Client Router with Angular UI Router
    • Client Router with Angular UI Router Part 2


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  • Transcript

In this series, Justin takes a look at AngularJS, a web framework that has been around for a while. He demonstrates the use of the basics of AngularJS as well as discusses preferred practices for creating application code as well as organizing code. Some of the topics that he discusses are: the use of controllers, what is $scope and how to eliminate the use of $scope, using the built-in directives to render lists, handle events, and dynamically style your application. If you are interested in learning more about AngularJS, then join us!

[MUSIC] >> Hello and thank you for watching this course overview for Intro to AngularJS. Justin, what is AngularJS? >> AngularJS is, well, it was a web framework that was devised, I think in 2008, don't quote me on that. And the ultimate goal was to make you more productive, also, it's added, kinda brought to the forefront, some features like two way data binding. Having the views separated from your logic, in a little bit different way, other than the strict model view controller pattern, it's kind of a model view whatever. And because of this two way data binding and these classic things called directives, which allowed you to build these custom HTML elements, as well as extraction of services. It provided a great deal of power that was not available in some of the current frameworks of the time, and it worked very well for a good while. >> And now who is this show targeted towards? >> So this show is targeted toward people who have a fair amount of understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and to some extent CSS. We don't typically talk about that a great deal when we're learning something new. But if you don't know JavaScript and you don't know about setting up a very basic web application, you're gonna be lost so you definitely need to know those things prior to. But other than that it's you've never seen AngularJS before and we're going to take you on for a wonderful ride. >> Fantastic, is there a certification available for this? >> So, this course is not certification based, it's for those individuals who are looking to kind of up their game. Or maybe they have a reason to know a little more about AngularJS because they're working on a particular project. And they've just never worked with AngularJS before, so either one of those things are very important for this course. >> What topics are covered in the show? >> This show talks about two-way data mining, what is scope, how to eliminate scope, what are controllers, what are services, what are factories? How to use Angular with class side routing, and also, how do I set up a very basic AngularJS application and also directives and components. >> Fantastic, and you're going to want to watch the entire series of Intro to AngularJS. You'll be glad you did, thank you for watching. [MUSIC]