Intro to Git

Distributed version control3 H 31 M

  • Intro to Git
    • Overview
    • What is Git
    • Installing Git
    • Getting a Git Repository
    • Making Changes to a Git Repository
    • Oh No Fixing Mistake with Git
    • Connecting to a Remote Repository
    • Branching out with Git
    • Merging with Git
    • Remote and Branches
    • Simple GitHub Collaboration


1 M

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  • Episode Description

Version control is a cryptic yet essential part of a software development team. Git is a distributed version control system that allows collaboration and management of large scale software products (as well as other types of projects). In this series, you will get started with Git. You will be shown how to create a repository, save changes in the repo, link to a remote server (GitHub), and finally a basic collaboration workflow. If you are just getting started in software development or you need to know more about the tools that your team is using, then join us as we 'git' started.

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