Intro to Git

Distributed version control3 H 31 M

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  • Intro to Git
    • Overview
    • What is Git
    • Installing Git
    • Getting a Git Repository
    • Making Changes to a Git Repository
    • Oh No Fixing Mistake with Git
    • Connecting to a Remote Repository
    • Branching out with Git
    • Merging with Git
    • Remote and Branches
    • Simple GitHub Collaboration


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  • Transcript

Version control is a cryptic yet essential part of a software development team. Git is a distributed version control system that allows collaboration and management of large scale software products (as well as other types of projects). In this series, you will get started with Git. You will be shown how to create a repository, save changes in the repo, link to a remote server (GitHub), and finally a basic collaboration workflow. If you are just getting started in software development or you need to know more about the tools that your team is using, then join us as we 'git' started.

[SOUND] In this series, we're gonna be taking a look at an introduction to Git. So Justin, what exactly is Git, and what are we gonna learn about in this series? >> So Git is a distributed version control system that people use to manage not only code bases, which is kind of my forte in this, but also other creative projects and even books. I've seen authors use it as a version control for a book. And we're gonna see how that differs from previous version control systems, such as subversion, and the such. >> So is this series designed for people that are very experienced programmers and use Git a lot, or is this kind of just the very beginning? >> The assumption here is you've never seen Git before. However, you are kind of familiar with a Linux-type command line, so you can follow along with basic Linux commands on the command line, and you have some basic computer savvy. So, you don't have to be an expert, but you have to have some basic knowledge. >> Now, a lot of the courses here at ITPro.TV are certification-based, while others are just general technical skills to help you kind of beef up your skill set and your knowledge base. Where does this one fall? >> So, Peter, you are definitely correct. There's either knowledge gains or, well, certifications. And this is a real quick touch onto the Git toolset, and certain things such as learning how to set up Git on our computer. How to actually start in Git Repo? How to interact with a Git server? And collaborate with others using the Git toolset. Well, those are some of the things that we're learning. Unfortunately, that doesn't end in a certification. So if that sounds like something that you're interested in, then I look forward to you joining us in our series of intro to Git.