Intro to React

Core Fundamentals2 H 18 M

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  • Intro to React
    • Overview
    • The First Leap
    • Plunging into the Build
    • Plunging into the Build Part 2
    • Taking a Breath of ES2015
    • Diving into React
    • Powering Up with State
    • Streamlining with Properties


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In this series, Justin and John walk through the beginning of learning ReactJS. John focuses on the prerequisite knowledge such as features of the JavaScript language that you should be familiar with, usage of build tools such as Webpack to develop and produce builds, as well as the nuance features of React. Over the course of the series, John takes a simple, plain JavaScript application and shows how to construct that same application using React.

[MUSIC] In this series, we're gonna be introducing React JS, a popular front end framework, well, for building web applications. And here to help us with that is Mr. John Tucker. So, John, tell us all about it. >> Okay, so in this series we're gonna cover the core concepts of the React JavaScript Front-end library. Just kinda provide a foundation so we can cover later on, topics like Redux. Now, so the way this can be structured here is we're gonna start off with a JavaScript example that you probably already have seen. A very simple JavaScript little counter application and we're going to slowly introduce React concepts as we go through it. And provide a sort of reimplementation of that. So the audience, essentially, we were expecting people to have some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And maybe you've written a jQuery style application. And the last thing is, in terms of certifications, in the world of programming today, it's moving so quick, certifications really can't keep up with this, so there's really no relevant certifications at this point. It's more of a general knowledge of programming. >> Well there you have it, I'm know I'm excited, and hopefully you are as well. And if you are interested, we hope to see you there [MUSIC].