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Scalable state management2 H 7 M

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  • Redux
    • Overview
    • Why Redux
    • Principles
    • Lists are Different
    • Wrapping Up


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  • Episode Description

Redux is the implementation of the Flux pattern which is best know as a proposal by Facebook for organizing complex web applications. However, getting started with Redux in the context of building complex applications can be a little intimidating. In this series, Redux architecture will be treated from the ground up, starting with a simple Node application that demonstrates the use of a single reducer, a simple store, and a basic set of operations using the store. As the series progresses, we will explore the use of action creators, code organization patterns in the context of Redux, as well as how to manage increasing complex state objects. If you want to understand Redux without the complication of React or other additions, then tune in! Hope to see you there.

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