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Scalable state management2 H 7 M

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  • Redux
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Redux is the implementation of the Flux pattern which is best know as a proposal by Facebook for organizing complex web applications. However, getting started with Redux in the context of building complex applications can be a little intimidating. In this series, Redux architecture will be treated from the ground up, starting with a simple Node application that demonstrates the use of a single reducer, a simple store, and a basic set of operations using the store. As the series progresses, we will explore the use of action creators, code organization patterns in the context of Redux, as well as how to manage increasing complex state objects. If you want to understand Redux without the complication of React or other additions, then tune in! Hope to see you there.

In this segment we're gonna give you a brief overview of our Intro to Redux series. And here to help us is Mr. John Tucker. So John, what are we gonna be learning in the Intro to Redux series? >> So, we're gonna be learning about Redux itself. Now, what Redux is, is a driver script library primarily focused on state management, managing the state of your application. And, it's primarily being used with React, it's a very common pattern, with React/Redux. And again, it's really not focused on rendering anything, it's just managing, keeping track of the state of your application. >> So John, when I hear JavaScript, I know that that realm is in constant flux nowadays. What are some prerequisites that anybody would need if they were going to take this course? >> So the first thing is, you need to have some decent familiarity with JavaScript itself. Now it's more optional, although you'll start to see a lot of ES2015 also known as ES6 syntax. We'll point it out as we go, but if you knew that syntax, it will be a lot easier although it's not required. >> Now John, here at ITPro and DevPro, sometimes we have a certification that kind of validates our learning. Is this series geared towards certification? So like a lot of modern, especially JavaScript content, it's really only been around for a couple years and it's really highly evolving. The certification process never caught up to this, so basically knowing it is your certification with most things JavaScript today. All right, well if you're interested in leveling up your skills, learning a little more about Redux, then definitely join us, and we hope to see you there. [MUSIC]