Intro to Ruby on Rails

Quick Web with Ruby8 H 6 M

  • Intro to Ruby on Rails
    • Overview
    • What is Ruby on Rails?
    • Installing Ruby on Rails
    • Intro to Web Apps
    • Intro to Rails Views
    • Intro to Rails Models
    • Intro to Rails Models Part 2
    • Intro to REST
    • Intro to REST Part 2
    • Intro to Validations
    • Intro to Model Relationships
    • Adding a Comments Resource
    • Adding Static Assets
    • Adding Pictures
    • Authentication Using Devise
    • Authentication Using Devise Part 2
    • Intro to Rails Testing
    • Intro to Rails Testing Part 2


2 M

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  • Episode Description

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework built upon the Ruby programming language. This series covers the basics of Ruby on Rails including but not limited to: what is Ruby on Rails, getting the environment set up, creating a simple web application the Ruby on Rails way, and diving a little deeper into the methodology used in a Rails application. If you are looking to get started with Ruby on Rails, then we will see you there!

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