Intro to Ruby on Rails

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  • Intro to Ruby on Rails
    • Overview
    • What is Ruby on Rails
    • Installing Ruby on Rails
    • Intro to Web Apps
    • Intro to Rails Views
    • Intro to Rails Models
    • Intro to Rails Models Part 2
    • Intro to REST
    • Intro to REST Part 2
    • Intro to Validations
    • Intro to Model Relationships
    • Adding a Comments Resource
    • Adding Static Assets
    • Adding Pictures
    • Authentication Using Devise
    • Authentication Using Devise Part 2
    • Intro to Rails Testing
    • Intro to Rails Testing Part 2
    • Deploying Rails with Heroku


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Ruby on Rails is a web development framework built upon the Ruby programming language. This series covers the basics of Ruby on Rails including but not limited to: what is Ruby on Rails, getting the environment set up, creating a simple web application the Ruby on Rails way, and diving a little deeper into the methodology used in a Rails application. If you are looking to get started with Ruby on Rails, then we will see you there!

[MUSIC] In this segment, we're gonna take a brief look at our upcoming Intro to Ruby on Rails series, and here to help us is Mr. Manny Rodriguez. So, Manny, what would one expect to learn in this Intro to Ruby on Rails series? >> Well, Justin, in this series, we're gonna cover Ruby on Rails, starting from a blank app. And to that, just talk about web development concepts, such as creating resources, RESTful routes. And if you don't know what any of that means, no worries. We're gonna put it all into the context of creating a blog app. So if you're interested in web development, interested in the Ruby on Rails framework, this series is gonna take you from start to finish to create a fully functional deployed app. >> Now Manny, you said a lot of jargon in that previous sentence. That makes me wanna ask, who should be looking into this course? What are some of the prerequisites or prior knowledge that may be required for the series? >> Glad you asked that, Justin. For this series, it'd be, you really wanna have some experience with web development, maybe having written some HTML, some CSS before, comfortable with web servers and some programming knowledge. You don't need to be able to program Windows from scratch or anything like that. But it's helpful if you know about object oriented languages, what objects are, what methods are, and you already have some experience in that domain. It'd also would be really helpful if you know about the UNIX command line. You have some experience with UNIX. This series is based on Mac, Mac OS. And Linux will be able to follow along really closely. But if you're not familiar with those environments, then you may wanna get up to speed on that as well. >> All right, now, here, a lot of times, there is some kind of validation or verification of the skill sets that we have acquired it, DevPro and IT Pro and our various sister companies. Does this course have a certification at the end, or is it more of a, I wanna power up my skill set? >> This course is definitely the latter. If you're looking to learn Ruby on Rails, if you wanna learn new tools to create web apps quickly and easily with a good background of support from the community at large, from the Rails community. Then this course is going to give you the tools you need to kinda just get into it and create an app. There isn't any kind of certification or anything like that, but by the end of it, you'll be able to build something real. >> Well, if you wanna get up to speed and you're excited like I am about Ruby on Rails, then definitely join us for the upcoming course. We hope to see you there. [MUSIC]