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  • Intro to Webpack
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    • The Big Idea
    • A Big Word, Transpilation
    • Production Builds
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In the fast-paced world of web development, particularly in the realm of JavaScript rich applications, the need for build tools have become commonplace. Webpack is a newer build tool that has moved into the spotlight with the use of React and other JavaScript frameworks. In this series, we will show you how to take ownership of your webpack configuration and setup to manage the transpilation of new JavaScript features to more compatible versions, manage static assets such as images, and add the use of CSS with and without preprocessing. If you want to remove the magic of Webpack, then join us!

[MUSIC] >> In this segment, we're gonna give you a brief preview into our Intro to webpack series. So John what are we actually going to be learning in the Intro to webpack series? >> So we're going to be learning how to use webpack to create application, web applications that are very efficient and very effective at delivering what you're trying to do. And, we'll learn how to do it line by line very carefully so you understand exactly what you're doing. >> So John, there seems to be something that I probably already need to know a little bit about. So what target audience does this show have? >> Right, so we're not gonna be using any particular front end frameworks. You don't need to know React or Angular or any of that kind of stuff but it would be nice to have a general understanding about how the web works. How to write HTML, some basic idea about what CSS is doing for you, and some basic JavaScript. Not a whole bunch, but just awareness of those pieces. >> Now, John, a lot of times I validate my learning through the achievement and certifications, does this have a certification attached to it? >> Right, so much like a lot of the web technologies, it's moving so fast, that there really hasn't been any certifications for this so far. This is all within the last year or so this has come about. So no, and I doubt it will have one. Because it will be something else in two years. >> So if you want to continue powering up your learning and actually learn how to use webpack from ground up then definitely join us. We hope to see you there. [MUSIC]

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